Saw my first WII today

From what I’ve heard and read it’s all about the processor in the TV in how it translates SDTV to the added pixels. Some look down right craptastic.

It may depend on the source. The HR-20 DirecTV box I got to replace the SD Tivo box I was using before must be doing some sort of upscaling or progressive scan because the SD channels look far better with an HDMI connection than they did with the old box over an s-vid connection.

I agree that HD sets are very unforgiving when it comes to poor quality signals, though.

I see World War II all the time. OHHH You mean Wii?

I spent time with a Wii over Christmas myself. I sat and played Wii with the entire family from Sunday evening until yesterday afternoon when we all sadly packed up and left it behind with my niece and nephews as their Christmas gift.

Never in my time of board gaming, PC gaming or console gaming have I experienced such a family fun oriented event. Every single person played, from the kids up to my grandparents (one in his 80’s.) Nobody had any problem playing any of the games with the exception of a couple of slow starts with the Nunchuk games.

The nay-sayers can knock off the controller as a “gimmick” if they want to. But having seen and played 5 different games on the system over the last 4 days I would say Nintendo has no gimmick, they have a solid hit. Stepping back to my PC game and Xbox 360 world might look prettier, but it will feel a whole lot less fun I think.

As a technical person I marveled at how easily they adapted wireless and three axis motion sensing into a very fun experience. The “thunk” when you hit the ball, leaning around the corners in Excite Truck, getting some massive hook spin in bowling, it was completely awesome. Nobody could sit still and play. Everyone got up and got into the game.

I agree. The “novelty will wear off” argument comes off like wishful thinking to me. I’m not sure why people who are afraid of change, but it’s here.

Nintendo was right on the mark when they called this the revolution.

I do think it’s going to change the nature of the gaming experience, along with casual games, online games, and some of the other trends that have been bubbling over the last five years.

It’s becoming pretty clear you can grow only so far you can go with the “swords, guns, and lasers” crowd. And diversifying genres is a good thing. If the game industry is going to be taken seriously it needs to move beyond the niche that it’s occupied for the last 20 years.

all the wii needs now is golden tee!

And a licensed Star Wars title with lightsaber control.