Say bye UPN, WB... Say hello, CW

CBS and Warner Bros. are going to yank UPN and WB out of their misery and create a new channel, CW

What does CW stand for? Also, this doesn’t strike me as putting those two shitfests out of their misery so much as combining them into some kind of deranged Voltron of suck.

Good move.

I think the answer is in the original post.

Not unless I’m missing it too.

CBS-Warner Bros.

Warner Brothers and CBS Corp. announced plans Tuesday for the creation of a new broadcast television network, called CW, that would replace the WB and UPN networks in the fall of this year.

Why is this a good thing from a business standpoint? Both channels already have 24/7 content, don’t they? Clearly, they’re going to have to cut some stuff out. Is this a good thing in a downsizing kind of way?

I’m curious as to what’s going to happen with the local networks here. There are three UHF broadcast stations here (well four, but the religious one is low-power) and two are UPN and WB.

Alot of shows are just fat, I’m sure. By combining their best shows and getting rid of the ones that are just bleeding money with no end in sight, they have a better chance of turning a profit on ad sales by creating blocks of ‘must see TV’.

As long as they keep Smallville…

Say what? UPN and WB do not have 24/7 content. They have primetime content and that’s about it except for syndicated crap and telemercials. Some will have news.

— Alan

some do have news,KTLA,PIX GN,WLVI all have news, at least a 10 pm.
I am curious what happens in markets with both- here in Bos we have a WB and UPN. So who wins? Who goes back to lowly indy?
Oddly there were rumors going around here that the CBS affiliate was going to take over the WB station news a few months ago…hrmm.
Why do I care? Well, my wife wroks at the WB station.

Indeed, where I am, the WB airs on the local Fox station after 10.

Exactly. The majority of UPN/WB affiliates were indy stations before the networks debut and carry syndicated programming throughout the rest of the day. Yes, some have local news. However, some of those had local news before the affiliation. Case in point, Minneapolis where UPN for years was carried by KMSP-9 who had a pretty successful 9 P.M. hour-long newscast long before it affiliated with UPN. (In point of fact, KMSP was an original Fox affiliate who dropped Fox in the early years being unsatisfied with the performance. I believe they went Indy for a few years before picking up UPN.) Ironically, the parent organization of KMSP was purchased by Fox a couple of years ago; when that happened they switched back to Fox and a sister UHF station in the market picked up UPN. IIRC, that other station (channel 29) also carries a KMSP-produced newscast at 10 or at least did.

I’ve read that the stations affiliated with WB appear to have the upper hand, I believe. I believe several stations have already either dropped UPN’s programming and/or dropped any visual reference to UPN in their logos. (E.g., the aforementioned channel 29 had billed itself UPN 29, but no longer does.) Stations, obviously, owned by corporations involved with the new network will be the ones to keep it.

Having said all that, it should be mentioned that in small markets without an over-the-air WB affiliate (such as Duluth, MN), the WB has appeared on a cable outlet complete with a station identifier (such as KWBD). I believe that programming was set nationally 24/7.