Say goodbye to all your money

Oh shit, Steam finally implemented a shopping cart. Now there’s nothing preventing you from tossing a few impulse buys in with your L4D purchase.

From the header, I thought this post was early commentary on the election. :)

Wrong Bob :)

GoGamer has got me a couple of times… ohhh game x is on special, gotta buy now … I’ve always wanted game y, might as well save on shipping…

Sounds cool, but I wish more Steam games had the achievement stuff.

I buy PC games exclusively from Steam now.

This, well, except WoTLK.

The release of the next WoW expansion is single-handedly helping me to not spend money on all these awesome new games coming out. Well, I’m also broke, but it’s not too unusual for me to shift food money around to pay for video games.

Steam needs to get the prices down before it has me sold. L4D looks tempting, but for £6 less I can get it from, and that’s the new, expensive

Is there a way to purchase stuff via the web remotely and have it DL to my PCs Steam at home? That’d be nice.

I bought the Max Payne double-pack for $15 off Steam a couple weeks ago. Great deal!

Yep, Steam is way too expensive compared to retail for me… the only thing it’s good for is impulse first-day buys, otherwise you might as well get the desired game at a retail store, where it will eventually be on sale.

I haven’t noticed any of the games I’ve wanted on Steam being more expensive than their retail counterpart. But if a game’s the same price on Steam as it is at the store, I’ll go for the Steam version every time.

aye, is old hat now. it’s these days for the bargains! or so i have found lately.

steams prices on the big ticket games are a joke for UK buyers.

They’re usually the same price for brand new games, but wait a couple of months and Steam will still be charging the $50 while other stores will have knocked off the price. Apart from that you’re trading the box for the ability to download the game from anywhere.

Why can’t it just be like Stardock where you download the game and get the box after paying S&H?

I would disagree. Steam does specials all of the time now.

No current service can compare to a brick & mortar desperately trying to unload inventory, but good luck on your selection.

Specials? What kind of specials? The best I’ve seen were 10% off the price for preordering, and at only $5 less that’s not exactly special.

Actually they usually have 50% off weekend deals nowadays. I think that’s scharmers is talking about.

EDIT: Of course, there are exceptions, like this week’s deal is Audiosurf for 75% off. Plus they usually like bundling games together for a cheaper price too.

Yeah I’ve gotten all kinds of games I never would have gotten, from Steam half off sales. Vampire: Bloodlines, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, etc.

Sure, they may have good deals for old games. Their prices for relatively new games suck, though.