Say Something Negative About a Game You Love

But the feeling is damn awesome til you realize that LOL

Football Manager has gotten too bogged down into finances/player/media interactions.

As amazing as the TD is, it doesn’t help.

OMG I know, right?!

There’s no excuse for the lack of clarity on the map in Civ VI. Why are the areas of the map that are explored but not currently in your view so ambiguous? Why are hills so difficult to make out? I mean, the AI combat skills would be extremely difficult to make competitive, and I suspect the majority of players like them the way they are… but the friggin map? C’mon!

The build quality of the monster standees in Gloomhaven is not good enough.

Starflight was a finite space and had an ending.

Psi operatives in XCOM 2 are the easy button. Mechs are useless.

The Mass Effect games lean too heavily on combat. I wish they had a Fallout option to talk your way out of fights or at least discover alternate paths.

Crit immunity on some monsters in UnderRail is complete bullshit and really hurts some builds.

Craig’s crisis summaries tend to get a bit wordy.

KIDDING! In Monster Hunter World, I’m sick of the ridiculous “drop you off in the middle of nowhere” gimmick that adds nothing to the gameplay whatsoever. Also, the annoying way the game jerks the camera towards your target sometimes when you start a mission.

The Umgah in Star Control II are underdeveloped, unfunny, and unfun to deal with.

Deus Ex has some hideously bad, bordering on offensive at times, voice acting. The writing that goes along with it is often pretty sketchy, too.

Empire: Total War… eh, that one’s too easy.

For all its expertise at detailed simulation, DCS: World is a terribly-designed piece of software which both handicaps third-party developers and ties Eagle Dynamics down to patching the base game for the sole purpose of delivering third-party fixes.

The mod support in Kerbal Space Program could be better.

Starflight II ended, Starflight you could keep going and fucking with Gazurtoids all day. At least, that’s what I did.

While we’re at it- and I know a lot of people disagree about this- I hate the Terran ships. Playing them felt like pulling teeth. ESPECIALLY against Slylandro Probes and Ilwrath Avengers.*

*what were they even avenging? the ilwrath are the CAUSE of stuff that needs avenging.

I would play Borderlands 2 a lot more if I could save anywhere.

I want to play coop in Dark Souls 3 without being invaded by some random elite player

The Elite Dangerous dev team should work on core gameplay, not stories about aliens.

As much as I love Grim Dawn, I wish it were a bit less grim (and brown).