Say Something Negative About a Game You Love

So say we all!

Enchanted Arms sucks because I’m never getting a sequel to my favorite rpg combat ever.

The planetary exploration for resources can make Star Control 2 too hard early on. That’s why I used the planetary lander bug/cheat early on, and every single time I played. I never regretted it. i wanted a game about adventuring and fighting for my life, not one about scrounging for enough resources to build a ship.

Ok I’ll be the first to bring in Far Cry 5.

Fuck the story missions. Fuck getting captured from anywhere/anytime. Fuck the Mind Altered dream like sequences. And Fuck the ending!

Otherwise, awesome game.

Borderlands 2 had shit for quality drop-rates because it was balanced around players using chest keys acquired out-of-game from Gearbox.

The only reason I stopped playing Diablo III is because the game offers insufficient bank space for my needs, and I got sick of having to destroy gear sets to make room.

Planetside 2 suffered utterly horrible balance problems, was a wall-hacker’s and aimbotters paradise, and the ttk was so idiotically low that low ping was the number one most important thing any legitimate player could bring to a firefight.

Ugh, this never stopped bothering me, ever.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert has downright atrocious unit pathfinding.

Not that I have any interest in Borderlands, but this one is an instant no go for me in any game.

I know you understand, being a father yourself, that 1 year olds do not understand the concept of ‘can you wait 5 minutes’ ;)

Oh this reminds me!

I hate when a game has you be an unstoppable death machine, or stealth assassin, only to have you get captured by low level mooks because your character did something dumb by writer fiat.


City of Heroes no longer exists.

Oh, you wanted one that’s still around? Dragonfire (deck builder based on D&D) does too good a job of being D&D…weak starting chars, ridiculous rule complexity, often useless magic items.

Quarter to Three doesn’t understand how brilliant of a game Rainbow Six Siege is.

But you love it?

How is the single player?

Yep, my gaming group still plays Dragonfire regularly. If you’ve got the D&D nerds (we do) and are willing to fudge the rules just a tad to negate some of the worst bits, it’s good fun. Making it through a scenario by the skin of your teeth is a great coop gaming experience.

Pillars of Eternity was great until halfway of Act III. I have a two year old saved game waiting for me to come back, somewhere up in the Steam Cloud.

Cool, I was thinking of picking it up at some point!

In the same vein: games where you win in the battle but lose in the cutscene. Don’t waste my time with the battle if it doesn’t matter, BlazBlue!

Fallout 2 is just a longer version of Fallout 1.