Say WHAT???? - Songs That Somehow Made It Past The Censors

Single and double entendres only please. NSFW is fine.

Hey, I’ve always wondered something - toward the end of The Who’s “Who Are You?” does Roger Daltrey sing “Who the fuck are you?” Because it sure sounds like it, but I don’t know how that would make it to radio.

He does, and I don’t know how that got through. Better yet, I don’t know how this made it onto live TV

But we digress. I was thinking of subler stuff.

It didn’t: the record company edited it out for the radio version of the single.

Are gas and electric included?

But I’m talking about hearing this on the radio. That’s the only way I hear that song.

In 2018 or 1978? You can get way more stuff past the FCC nowadays versus then. (And are you listening on actual broadcast radio or on, say, Sirius or a streaming service?)

In 1978 all you’d hear on broadcast radio in the US is the radio edit. (Though there would always be the occasional college station that was sloppy and/or naughty.)

Back in the '30s, there was a full-blown sugar shortage. Blame the Depression.

Not only that, but there was also the writing implement crisis.

Fortunately all you need is a little fruit.

This is a cover (as are all their songs):

I assume someone else will post the low-hanging fruit, AC/DC’s “The Jack” and of course “Shaving Cream”

Well, I was six years old in 1978, and I don’t trust my memory going back quite that far. Anyway, I guess this wasn’t what the thread was about so it’s neither here nor there.

If you really think Ray Davies is singing about the air pollution “fogging up” his eyes in “Apeman”, you’ve been had as much as the BBC and FCC censors.

One of my favorite Kinks tracks, but I have to admit I always heard it as “fogging up”.

Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side (…even when she was giving head.)

Pink Floyd, Money (Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.)

Peter Frampton, Do You Feel Like We Do (I want to fuck you.) Live version, during solo with talkbox.

Led Zeppelin, The Lemon Song (When you squeeze my lemon, I feel the juice run down my leg.)

Aerosmith, Walk This Way, Too many to list…

I can’t imagine that anyone at the FCC (or whatever) was censoring double-entendres or even not-so-subtle euphemisms since the mid-60s. Otherwise pretty much zero music would have been aired since the 70s.

I did kind of wonder how ZZ Topp’s “Pearl Necklace” became a mainstream hit though.

Are we just gonna ignore one everyone has heard?

He’s not killing them, it’s certainly a turn of phrase for a man who is a sex maniac.

I have no idea what “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard is about. But that time a father called in to a radio station and requested it on behalf of his twelve year old daughter it gave me the skeevies.

I mean, I have some ideas. And none of them are good.

Louie Louie