SBLive! I salute you (A viking funeral maybe?)

I finally replaced my SBLive! last night. I know I know, sound cards dont get replaced that often anyway, but the sblive was in every computer I owned to current since I put together my first Pentium 350. It was a workhorse.

Sadly it became a big ol bottleneck in my current system and I had to spring for an upgrade. After taking it out and placing it in its static free bag I sorta felt like I owed it something. So im gonna keep it around just in case, but OMG everything sounds so good on my Audigy 2!

I’m still using an old ISA SB16, the very first sound card I ever bought, in my PVR box. It’s going to suddenly feel very unloved when the next upgrade cycle rolls around though…

The sound difference between my SBLive and Audigy has been pretty extreme.

Nice job upgrading. I had an Audigy 2 for a couple years and I liked it a lot. Last month I sprang for an X-Fi and I’m even happier with it. But it could just be the new speakers talking…



Dude, my first Sound Blaster had 220 7 1 5. That’s how hardcore I am.


Dude, you hacked your AUTOEXEC.BAT! But… did you also replace your MS-DOS with DR-DOS?

Never did.

What’s funny is that CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT hacking to get memory to run Falcon 3.0 with all the bells and whistles gave me knowledge that’s come in useful directly during my engineering career.

I actually had a DOS system that I needed to play with to increase conventional memory.


I didn’t need it. I was poor. I was using Stacker to “double” my disk space and STILL got the 602KB of conventional memory needed to load Falcon 3.0 up in all it’s glory, all without QEMM.

I remember QEMM. Boy, that’s like a decade back. Wonder what happened to that company?

Symantec bought em.


Well, it’s kind of sad really. Here you are, Quarterdeck, a company that makes a great piece of software still talked about with reverence… and then Windows 95 rolls around and you’re done, because you’re not needed anymore.

The sole remaining app that bears a name they developed was Cleansweep.