Scale of the Universe 2

This is freakin’ sweet. Everything from the quantum foam to the observable universe, in one easy sliding scale.

Actually that whole site has some pretty cool science/math/game geek stuff. I bet there’s some science teachers that would find it handy.

LOL. Did you know there are only like half a dozen things of interest between the Local Group and the edge of the observable universe?

Yo mama is one of them.

Yo mama is so huge that I can see the galaxies behind her.

The Dozens works on any scale.

Yo mama’s so fat she uses the Sloan Great Wall as a diaphram.

Yo mama’s hair is so nappy there is barely a Planck Length between curls.

Yo mama’s so dumb she thought IC 1101 was a transuranic element.

Yo mama so fat that when she sits around the observable universe, she sits AROUND the observable universe.