Scalzi's Ghost Brigades on Syfy

Well this could be cool. For those who don’t know, Scalzi’s scenario is, “old people volunteer to have their minds put in green, genetically-enhanced super-soldier bodies, to fight wars with aliens in a busy galaxy rife with turf wars; humans a middle-ranking species.”

Kind of confusing that they are calling it Ghost Brigades when it’s clearly starting with OMW. That’s like calling GoT “Storm of Swords” starting out.

Interestingly could be done really right. With The Expanse also being on SyFy, maybe they’re turning some kind of corner here. I dunno. Never watched Defiance which is one of their hallmarks at the moment (aside from Sharknado that is).

— Alan

Defiance is a pretty good ensemble show with interesting lore - post-apocalyptic feel, but as the result of a visiting aliens thing going wrong, turning into a war, and accdentally terraforiming the earth to have strange flora and fauna (equivalent of “mutant” stuff in a straight post-apoc scenario). Presently an unease detente between aliens and humans, with them getting along pretty well in a few places, like the town of Defiance. First season is a bit ropey in parts, but has its moments. Current season seems to have a better budget, and is engaging if you got to know the characters in the first season.

My guess is that they figured out “Old Man’s War” is a terrible, unmarketable series title.

I thought the books were OK scifi, very readable with lots of fun ideas at work, with a diminishing returns effect ending up with “Zoe’s Story” which actually just retold the last book from a different perspective. Would not have bought it had I known that.

Ohhh, I’d watch this if they kept it in the OMW/GB timeline and didn’t go beyond that.

Scalzi has created a fairly complex universe; as of The Human Division (which didn’t have any of the earlier characters), we’ve got Earth and the Colonial Union at odds with each other, the Conclave (an alien federation) enforcing no-colonization rules if you’re not part of the conclave and lots of political machinations. Plus a whole new set of characters who are somewhat more interesting than OMW.

Harry Wilson, one of the main characters in The Human Division, was in both Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades.