Scan and shred?

I’m getting tired of dead trees.

I’m looking for a solution to scan a few thousand pages so I can free up file cabinets.
I would very much like the ability to search for text strings.

I don’t have much experience with PDFs other than knowing I hate them for being slow.
I don’t seem to have the choice to keep them as IMG/JPG files because then I can’t search for text strings.

What prodct should I be researching?

Google for ‘free ocr’.

It would be awesome to have a combo scanner-shredder. You could sell it to spies!

Where’s Theodore Rex DX when you need him.

He’s inventing a device that shreds documents, THEN scans them.

One of the neat bits in Vernor Vinge’s “Rainbows End” novel is a big project to digitize an entire university library by feeding thousands of books into a huge shredder that scans the shreds all at once and reassembles them, in some cheerfully dubious similar genome-sequencing technology analogy. I don’t think TRexDX would invent the machine so much as want to drill holes in it once it’s been built. (I don’t know why he’d want to do that, but that’s for the best, because it would blow my mind.)

That’s actually pretty hilarious.