Scanlated Manga

Just curious how many people on QT3 read “scanlated” (scanned and translated) manga from Japan. I’ve been reading the Bleach and Naruto mangas for a long while now, as well as having read a bit of One Piece and Gantz.

Where I get new issues for Naruto:

… and for Bleach:

I have read “scanlated” Naruto for some time after the “real” storyline stopped in the anime but stopped some months ago when the group that was making the translations stopped because of some internal shit.

Oh yeah. Been reading Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece for a very long time among others. I usually get my manga from at first, and then get the high quality releases for Bleach from Bleach7 when maximum7 releases theirs. Mangahelpers is a great site though. Usually all of the Shonen Jump mangas are scanlated by various people/groups as soon as the raws become available. Some of them do very good quality, very fast.

One of my all-time favorite mangas (Bleach reigns #1) is Hajime no Ippo. It’s been going on for a VERY long time, up to I think chapter 764 or something. Great manga about boxing.

If you guys like manga, checkout Blade of the Immortal. One of the best mangas i’ve read in the past few years.

Vagabond is also awesome.

(I don’t know if these are scanned or not btw!)

I read most of Hikaru no Go scanslated.
Not much else, except all the releases by Lililicious, whose releases at least are profoundly unlikely to be released officially in the US or Sweden, thus making the grey area greyer.

I second the Blade of the Immortal suggestion; it can be bought in any good comic book store.

The only scanlated stuff I’ve ever read is Death Note. It’s relatively recent,
so not much has had a chance to be properly translated. I like how the manga,
anime and movies all seem to focus on different things so they end up slightly different.