Scared of Santa

This photo gallery just cracks me up for some reason. It’s been around for a while, but I thought I’d bring it up again given the season. It’s a collection of photos showing children being scared of Santa Claus. Their expressions are kind of funny (in a dark humor kind of way), but what’s ultimately the most entertaining is looking at the various Santas. Some of them ARE creepy looking.

Michael Myers plays Santa:

What kind of person puts on a grotesque mask to go hang out with children?

I wondered the same thing last year when that photo circulated around the net, but now that I look at it a little more closely, I’m pretty sure it’s not a person, just a dummy of nightmare inducing crappiness.

my nephew, 2 years ago:

the weird thing is, he wasn’t actually scared. he was just making a really strange face, for some unknown reason. my neice, on the other hand, was terrified. so, we don’t have any pictures of her.

Haha those pictures are great. I dont know why either but they crack me up.

GJ on that GB photoshop thats perfect.

Jesus, that Santa is like something born from out of hell itself.

That dummy-Santa should be in a Painkiller expansion.

Not Santa, but…

You mean besides Michael Jackson?

Looks like Santa’s crying right along with the kids!
My son -never- liked Santa for some reason.

The Adventures of Alcoholic Santa and the Evil Stepsister - Part 13

… wherein ESs taunts a small boy whilst AS hatches a dastardly scheme:

Thanks for the site. Thinking about making some personalized Christmas cards from some of these photos.

That ain’t right.

My daughter has a couple of years like that. When she hit three she figured out that Santa was the bringer of presents and that was the end of it, she was all smiles. I should try and capture the pictures with my digital camera one of these days.

Why does this picture remind me of Office Space?

Because Santa is showing you his “Oh” face.