Scary Movie 3 - #1 at the Box Office

Was anyone able to catch this? I was sidetracked and missed out. From what I understand, they ditched the Wayans’ brothers and brought in the folks who made the Airplane movies.

does that mean that it’s no longer a 90 minute cock joke?

A friend of mine (who was a huge fan of the Airplane and Naked Gun movies) said it “had its moments”.

It’s not as vulgar but still not a movie you’d take your mother to (although I guess I don’t really know your mothers.) The body/sex/grossout humor is at a minimum compared to 1 and 2, though the intro with Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy is beyond ridiculous.

It’s a series of gags that hit and miss with about a 1:3 ratio. You’ll be bored for 15 minutes, laugh for 5, slightly chuckle for 10, then fall back asleep for 10 minutes (don’t check my math.)

It could be a vertiable Airplane III and I wouldn’t go. I caught parts of the first two on the tube and just turned them off because of the gross-out stuff. Seeing that guy killed by the dildo through the head at the glory hole was the last straw for me. I also bailed on Not Another Teen Movie, which started like a promising spoof, when they did that “Isn’t it hilarious that hot girls also take shits?” bit. Does anyone find this stuff funny? I like a good, crude comedy, but this sort of thing just tries to disgust the audience. I hope Old School, which was crude but in an Animal House way, has some influence on future comedy production.

Scary Movie 1 was a fairly enjoyable movie, but the second one was just appalling. I really do like vulgar humor, but that was just plain dumb… I didn’t think Old School was all that crude at all… just plain funny :)

The only part I really liked in Not Another Teen Movie was a cut scene. It was a daydream type scene where the daughter, as a kid, says goodbye to her boyfriend. The scene is black and white. Just then, Randy Quaid walks into the seen with beer in hand and says “Where the hell am I?” and proceeds to keep walking.

I actually enjoyed the majority of Not Another Teen Movie. Most of it, I thought, was legitimately clever. I could’ve done without the bathroom scene (as mentioned above), but most of the rest of it was great.

I just loved the scene at the prom where one of the students looks at his friend and says “You know, you would never have guessed it, but everyone at this school is a professional dancer!”

Anyway, I’d like to see Scary Movie 3. I enjoyed the first, and passed on the 2nd based on previews and whatnot, but I think this one looks pretty funny. Can’t go wrong with the guys that Airplane, right? Hilarious movie.

I saw a preview for it on letterman the other night where they ripped off the others …

small body under a sheet
father - “Where’s my daughter!?”
high pitch voice -“I am your daughter!”
father - “no you aren’t!”
father rips off sheet Michael Jackson spins around and screams… my GF and I pissed ourselves laughing for a good 10 minutes after that… if the whole movies like that… .then I’m going to watch it when it makes it here.