Scary story of a drive through the south

This is scary.

As a counterpoint, I do live in one of the most liberal areas in the country (Northern California), and regularly see Bush/Cheney bumper stickers and billboards, and haven’t heard of anyone being harrassed in the matter.

Does anyone else have anectodal experience either way? Its a bad thing, no matter the party.

i live in AL and see nothing like this. of course, i live in a college town, and hate bumper stickers in general.

XPav, what the hell are you doing visiting these sites? This is just some guy’s blog. He could be making it up wholesale. Anyway, you’ve been posting a lot of weird links lately… do you need an intervention or are you becoming McCullough?

I know someone from a liberal college town whose “I <heart> Israel” sticker was defaced with a swastika. The bumper sticker incitement war is a tie!

I’ve gotten into gunfights over my “Darwin RuLZ JoO” bumper sticker. 8)

That is one vague fucking story, excuse my French. Just a few points from my 34 years as an Alabama resident.

-The brother could be flipping off truckers or cutting them off and then exaggerated the reaction.

-Like Bub said, it could be all made up.

-I have never seen a rest stop with a golf cart attendant in my 34 years in the South.

-Doesn’t sound like he would have liked Alabama or Mississippi if they had handed out hundreds and hookers at the border.

-Slapping a Dean sticker over a Bush sticker. Yeah, that’s a laugh riot.

-What wave of hostility unleashed by Saddam’s capture? If anything conservatives I know have been positively jolly. I think the Dems have been a bit hostile, now that you mention it.

-There are wrong-headed bumpkins and 'necks in every state in the Union. I bet those truckers were from Vermont.

Upon further review, that isn’t even a very good fake story. When did our standards for news items drop off to random mutterings from every dusty corner of the web?

EDIT: Those U of A grad students are complete dicks, however.

What wave of hostility unleashed by Saddam’s capture? If anything conservatives I know have been positively jolly. I think the Dems have been a bit hostile, now that you mention it.

Oh please, conservative jolliness at Fox News consists of gloating and throwing things at liberals. They aren’t incompatible.

I was exaggerating ever so slightly, but I have certainly not seen the level of physical hostility that the little story exhibited, but then I do not watch Fox News so maybe it is that bad.

Jason doesn’t either, but he professes to be an expert.

And thank you for calling Xpav on his obnoxious linking.

“Hey look guys!!! Here’s another pro-liberal, conservative-hate story written by some guy with Frontpage, $9.95 a month, and a job at Zeppo’s Pizza. It must be true!!!” - signed, Xpav.

Even at a “moderate” big university like the one I attended back in the day many were chock-full of hostility when I wore my trusty “Charlton Heston is my president” tshirt post 2000. The same people who organized peace rallies at the drop of a hat were 'roided pitbulls the moment their feng shui was challenged even by something as passive as a shirt. Of course, they knew better than to actually act on their shouted threats and such nonsense, but there ya go. Put enough dumb cowards in a place where they feel dominant, irrespective of ideology, and mob behaviour will ensue.

That said, this chump’s story sounds like BS.

I think the story just proves that Southerner’s have eagle eyes and can read bumper stickers which they have no familiarity with from a great distance, even while the car is moving.

A real southerner would have wondered what Jimmy Dean was running for.


ONStar: Can we help you?

JimBob: I think mah friend is dead! He ain’t breathing!

ONStar: Ok, Make sure he’s not breathing…

A gunshot is heard.

JimBob: Ok, now what?

Not just that, random mutterings about what his brother told him. Hrm…my first cousin once removed is married to Scott Peterson’s brother (true dat), and she told me Scott was innocent (ok, I made that up), so it must be true!

Hey, from what I’ve heard of Alabama men…

Actually, Chet, the guy covered that particular angle perfectly! See, it was a trucker from the same gas station the guy had stopped at. Thus the trucker didn’t have to spot the bumper sticker while everyone was driving, which would admittedly be a difficult task. It’s obvious that the trucker had made a mental note of the car while at the station, muttering to himself (in a stereotypical redneck drawl, of course, since that’s the dialect all truckers speak in, no doubt) “awright now I’m gun learn dat dere Dean-supportin’ faggot a goshdurn lesson!”, drove off, then while on the highway he recognized the car, so he had the perfect opportunity to send his message!

It wasn’t just ANY random trucker, no sir.

And of course the guy knows that it was a truck from that particular gas station. Every time I pull into a gas station, I make sure to memorize what each truck stopped there looks like, so that if they decide to harrass me later on I can tell my cousin to mumble about it on a blog! Surely this is the standard operating procedure for everybody else, right?

So this story holds up perfectly in my estimation. The best proof: as Tyjenks alluded to, what kind of lunatic would you have to be to NOT operate your business from a golf cart? (Although I assume you could do a fine job using a Segway as well - that is hugely popular trend amongst gas station owners in central Indiana.)