Scathing review of SWG at Guru3D

Avault in length, but fairly well written and chock full of info which includes the myriad problems and actual explanations of the reviewer’s dislikes. I realize many of the problems were covered in the SWG-NDA is up thread, but this is all condensed into one review and, also, my post count needed some attention. I realized my post count to threads started ratio was pretty bad after my Brian “Excel” Koontz calculations.

And no fancy scoring system, just a review.

EDIT: A bit melodramatic, but depressing snippet:

Star Wars Galaxies (referred to as SWG from here on out) is a culmination of false hope, empty promises, and over hyped delusions of grandeur. What could have amounted to a fantastic world in where you can take the role of a hero in the Star Wars Universe that a lot of us have grown to love through the old movies, or even the new; turns out to be an utterly rushed disappointing disaster of epic scale in the MMOG genre that leaves the player paying $14.99 a month for the developers to finish the game they had hyped oh so many years ago. As far as I am concerned, this title will go down in history as the worst MMOG launch ever known to mankind. And unfortunately, it takes a verifiable and powerful Star Wars license down right with it.

Now imagine how bitter he’d be if he didn’t receive a review copy.

I’m glad to see this review. I played the beta some and was so bored and disappointed by it. Bottom line is depite the name on the box, this is absolutely not a Star Wars game. I thought when the reviewer said SOE made the Star Wars universe something it wasn’t meant to be, namely a D&D crafting game, he hit one of the biggest problems right on the head.

Star Wars is about the Empire/Rebellion struggle. Star Wars Galaxies is not. Star Wars is about action and adventure. Star Wars Galaxies is not. Star Wars is about having blaster fights, dogfighting and trench runs, and light sabers, Star Wars Galaxies is not. They missed the spirit of the original franchise by a million parsecs (just to throw in a dork reference, pardon me if I used it wrong).

This game was a big let down for me.

I just can’t believe a 3rd-gen MMO would rely on such obvious and blatant time sinks.

“…the worst MMOG launch ever known to mankind”

Oh please. I’m no Star Wars fanboy, and I have zero interest in SWG, but this statement is just ludicrous. Has the reviewer ever heard of WW2online? Anarchy Online? Etc? I can’t imagine any Sony product coming within parsecs* of being that bad.

[size=2]* also throwing in the same dork reference[/size]

Perhaps the reviewer meant the worst launch in terms of content, rather than stability. Hell, the SWG beta a month ago was more stable on my box than planetside is now, so I really don’t think stability is that big of an issue.

I agree with this 100%, this is the antithesis of the Star Wars spirit.

As for the worst launch, I have a feeling it won’t be the worst from a technical standpoint but it may be one of the most disappointing.

Like the reviewer, it annoys me that people will just throw money at this because of the Star Wars license. The developers will fail to learn their lessons from this debacle because people won’t vote with their wallet.

I warned you it was a bit melodramatic, but he backs it all up pretty well.

Or what Lokust said as he beat me to a reply.

On a not entirely unrelated note, (one of the few places you can get the game here) is selling SWG CEs for the low, low price of £99.99 (about $150). I pity the foo’s.

I’m not sure you can really call it 3rd gen. Probably not even 2nd gen. I mean, normally to call something next gen it would require noted improvements over previous titles… and I just don’t see that at all.

I’m really going to enjoy all the articles about how the pundits were so wrong about SWG. “How did we misread this game? Where did this audience come from?” Star Wars fans. Roleplayers. Mature gamers. There’s alot more of us than you guys seem to realize and this is the sort of content we can get our heads around. It takes a little more attention span but alot less time commitment.

OK, let’s say it’s second gen because it’s the 2nd MMORPG from SOE (not counting the PS2 one). It actually sounds worse than EQ.

So Brian, where does the money in the economy come from? If nobody wants to do missions because they suck so horribly, how will the artisans and entertainers make a living? Heck, if the only people in the game are craftsmen, how will it work?

There may be a bunch of gamers out there looking for this type of gameplay, but I think SWG is a travesty to the Star Wars name (in my opion). Maybe an independent Sci-Fi setting would have felt better. Obviously without the SW in SWG, fewer players would blindly jump on board.

So what else is new? Lucasarts just likes mass branding in order to make money, it’s been years since I’ve truly enjoyed a starwars game. Tie Fighter was probably the last one.

Who needs to spend alot of time doing missions? Is running an errand that much worse than waiting in Disneyland lines for camping spots to kill the same beastie everyone’s killed a thousand times before?

We’re told there’s more content on the way and, yes, I’d like to see a better variety of missions but frankly I don’t spend that much time on them anyhow. I’m usually busy surveying or exploring and usually both at once while scouting as a covert rebel. I’m busy doing things with characters that need help or just want to hang out. Sometimes they give me cash, sometimes they pay me with goods, but money isn’t something I worry too much about. When I need it, I can get it, but it’s usually something dealt with on the way to doing something else and not a big deal at that.

I’m sure he did. But his hyperbole is overstated. AO, which had significant content but was so totally busted at first that no one could hope to find it, has to rank higher on the “worst launch ever” scale, as does the collosal blunder that was WW2Online. If SWG ships in a virtually content-free state but is sufficiently playable that buyers can make their own decisions about its merits as a game, it will be better than the signifcant fraction of major MMORPGs that could only be evaluated as bad server paradigms.

True, although I did enjoy the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series. Tie Fighter really raised the bar, however. I just don’t get Lucas… he’s gone from the Midas touch to the fecal touch. Was Howard the Duck the turning point? Was that a poison that affected him on every level (or was he just not that talented in some ways to begin with… that’s what I think personally). He doesn’t care if he craps on the spirit of the original trilogy with the new trilogy, he doesn’t care if the games licensed off his films reek terribly.

Seriously people, will someone please make him earn his money? Stop throwing it at the Star Wars name.

Ewoks were the turning point. That and Lucas making sure the full name of every creature, vehicle,and person was said in the films so we knew what toy to look for. When the movies became the ads for the toy line it all went downhill.

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