Scheduled Chat Time

The qt3 chat room is still around, and we’ve finally decided to set a scheduled chat time.

Friday Nov 8th, at midnight EST.

Stop on in and chat awhile. Let see if we can actually get more than two or three people in here.

Here’s a link to the web based chat interface, or point your favorite IRC client to and /join #qt3


EST? This would be GMT -5? This would be 6 am, saturday, CET. I would like to attend but the last time I was awake at 6 am I was coming home from a rave. I hope you get the chat going though.

I hope to be there. :)

I was going to get drunk, go out with my wife and her female work friends, and try to cop a cheap feel, but Qt3 chat sounds better. Plus, that’s what I did last night. :wink:

I will make every effort to remember. Thanks for the heads up.

If you hold the chat on ESO, I’m there. ;)


If the chat was on a not-Friday-night, I’d be there. But alas, Colt 45 and beautiful women are calling my name.

Yeah, what he said, kinda.

If the chat was on a not-Friday-night, I’d be there. But alas, Colt 45 and beautiful women are calling my name.

Well, I wish it was the latter if not the former. However in this case my Friday night gaming group is uttering the clarion call, or I’d be there.

Good to see there is some interest. I’m married and I tend to forget that Friday nights are going-out night. My wife is a beautiful woman, so I don’t have to leave the house anymore. :D

For those of you who can’t make it this time, please suggest a day and time for the next one.


Friday night used to be going out night, now it’s ‘unwind, have a few drinks, do some laundry, and play some games night’. Saturdays, after my brain has calmed down enough from the stress of the week, is when I go out and have fun. :)

Count me in. I second the ESO bit. :)

Got friends coming over tonight, so I doubt I’ll make it…

Sundays might be good…

That’s the time that Robbery Homicide comes on over here in Sactown.

You guys are gamers, right? Why aren’t you out at the strip clubs on a Friday night?

Man, wait 'til I tell everyone at GDC…

Cause Tuesday is designated Tittie-Bar night.

Just a reminder that the chat is going on now. Stop on in while you’re reading this post :)

And after living in Toronto and seeing the “Canadian Ballet”, I need my strip clubs to be fully nude, and I don’t think there are any around here.

Update on chat:
it’s now 12:33 AM EST, Brian Rucker and someone named Stepto showed up; Brian and I chatted for about 20 minutes then he took off. Stepto maybe said 3 words and left.

No one else has bothered, which is weak and annoying.

Talking to other people scares me. That’s why I play computer games.

Odd – a lot of us are in a chat…How come we’re not all chatting together??

There are 8 people in the chat room now. #qt3

Apparently, the web-based chat – via the link at Qt3 – connects to a different channel than we thought…

The web chat points to So we’re all moving into there. /join #qt3 if you’re not using the webchat.