My wife was like, “The songs here aren’t as good as Galavant.” and I replied, “Dude, Galavant had Alan Fucking Menken. Give 'em a break.”

All you Melissas totally married Joshes.

Love it.

I don’t think she was being a Josh, but I’m definitely more a Melissa than she is.

I’m totally 100% a hardcore Josh, but also a big Cecily Strong fan (The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party is one of my favorite sketch comedy bits from all of SNL). So as long as they keep giving her musical numbers like in the second episode, I’ll stick around.

I was on a TV show once – I honestly don’t recall what it was – and I remember meeting a very short blonde woman who also had a small part on the episode. She was super friendly, she remembered my name, she was funny, she was energetic, she listened when you talked, and it seemed like everyone in the cast and crew knew her. Her name was Kristin. It was only later that I was told she was a former Broadway star or something. So I’m also here for that little dynamo known as Kristin Chenoweth. Talk about stage/screen presence!


Absolutely one of the funniest bits in SNL history. Each one of those is just so brilliantly realized.

Also, if memory serves, you loved La La Land. You’re not a Josh. You’re a Melissa who tells people you’re a Josh. :D

I wasn’t familiar with Kristen Chenowyth until Conan’s podcast episode with her (‎Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend: Kristin Chenoweth on Apple Podcasts)

It was amazing. She reminds me of two childhood friends of mine, similarly, very short, very blonde, and constantly hilariously battling/joking/needling/riffing with everyone around them in a positive way.

I got to see her live at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago and she was god damned amazing.

I’ve never seen this before and it’s amazing.

“Lots of people loved that movie. No, I’m a Josh.”

Next you’re going to tell me Hamilton counts!


A quick IMDb search say that it’s three West Wing episodes from 2005.

I have a friend who does chartered flights sometimes for celebrities, and he shared a similar story about Kristin Chenoweth. It’s always wonderful to hear when famous people are actually nice in person!

One of my favorite episodes, maybe behind Timothy Olyphant.

Kristen Chenowyth, she was great on the ABC show “Pushing Up Daisies” too.

I always thought of her as a real life Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I’ve met only about 3 of them in real life, they’re always awesome to hang out with.

Any television show that requires someone to sing (and many also that don’t) will have Kristin Chenowith involved. She’s absurdly prolific with her work.

Musicals. Showtunes. WTF is wrong with you fucking guys. Didn’t you ever see The Sure Thing?

This is true, and rightly so.

I don’t think so, can you hum a few bars?

We watched this last night and enjoyed it. It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but it was quite entertaining. My only concern is the whole living in a musical thing as a running joke may wear thin after awhile.

I was surprised at the quality of the choreography and how catchy some of the songs were.

One thought I had was if you took the six or eight episodes they will do this season and cut them a bit, you could turn this into an actual Broadway musical.

This show is amazing. I love it to bits.

It reminds me a lot of Wandavision, in that it’s trying to pay homage to an art form, and be it at the same time. But here it’s just done so much better. Maybe it has an unfair advantage in that musicals are inherently better than pop culture sitcoms.

Still, it’s just hit me straight in my funny bone. Josh and Melissa are both so freaking perfect in their respective parts. Especially in episode 2.

I can’t for Friday!!

“Are you gay?”

“Yes. I try to be. For the town.”