School Science Fair & Young Gamers

My kids’s school had open house tonight, and there was a science fair as part of it. A bunch of kids did theirs on the difference in reaction time between kids that played lots of videogames (some hours per week, forgot how many) and those that didn’t. I’m guessing this was a subject they could pick off a list, since at least eight kids did that project. Results were mixed.

The best part was one boy’s display. As part of it, he included a page of screenshots he printed out from Morrowind. Then, in elementary student scrawl he wrote at the bottom, “The actual game does not look this pixelated, it looks much better. It looks pixelated because the quality of the printout is not very good.” Comments like that restore my faith in the next generations.

Also, lots of kids were running around with glowing disks - filled with the glow stick chemicals, and about the size of a hockey puck. I saw one when a kid put it down for a moment, and it had an nVidia logo on it. I’m going to have to find out who the nVidia person/gamer is at the school.