School shooting in Florida


If the kids I see in the grocery store are a representative sample, I disagree. Hell, I might actually volunteer at a local school!


Thank God. If someone hadn’t posted Jasper my faith in humanity would have finally expired.


This seems… Odd.


Good thing she got the Snickers first. You’re not you when you’re hungry, no telling how things might have gone down if she’d hit the gun counter before the snacks…

Side note, I wonder how many times that convenience store has sold a gun, only to have the purchaser come back inside 60 seconds later and ask the clerk for all the cash in the register?


Probably not many. I very much doubt the employees there aren’t packing heat.


Is that a tactical shotgun on the counter?


Looks like it.


I don’t see the Axe Gun from S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m disappointed.


It’s a sad state we’re in when a school shooting that results “only” in injuries of multiple people barely moves the news needle.


They were reporting the Parkland shooting as a dozen plus injured at first also. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn of deaths as we learn more about this one.





Interesting. Most of it seems sound legally for the most part. The require being institutionalized against your will, which is a fairly hard bar to clear most of the time (though there are horror stories about parents basically killing their children by doing it).

The age thing is a non-starter imo. The Constitution doesn’t declare 18 as a magical age where you get to own specific firearm or anything. If they found against the 21-year-old thing then I don’t see what would prevent a 10-year-old from citing it and saying they should be able to buy a gun since it’s a right. But historically SCOTUS has stood by reasonable regulation and being 21 is fairly reasonable. Sure we send kids off to war younger than that, but those kids are also very strictly regulated in literally everything they do, so it’s akin to going shooting with a parent in a lot of ways.

Also this dude is a fruit loop. Like serious mental issues and he shouldn’t be anywhere near a steak knife, much less a firearm.


Note pistol, not assault rifle. Maryland bans them,IIRC. Wonder why the result was less horrid?


I’m as anti-rifle as anyone but I’m pretty sure this kid was just out to kill his ex. The 14yo could have been shot by the resource officer for all we know.


Well this is a thing. This is very real - lots and lots of videos of people shooting guns on YouTube.


What if someone makes a game that’s more or less a 1:1 weapon simulation that streamers “play” and show viewers how to assemble guns and succeed “in-game?”


I’m sorry. This is bullshit.


Bullshit as in “the article is wrong and it’s not gonna happen” or bullshit as in “it’s bullshit that weapon vendors can’t market to youtube viewers?”


I would imagine it’s the latter, and it is quite draconian in scope. I think there’s value in videos that teach firearm safety, and of course there is a lot of sport shooting, but I imagine that’s really tough for YouTube to parse out fairly.

I wonder if a video of a biathlon event would pass muster.


Bullshit as in there are a lot of videos on Youtube that are people making explosives. doing seriously dangerous shit. But people shooting guns is causing shootings.