School shooting in Florida


So maybe shooters are goona shoot at people anyway, but Youtube doesn’t want to be the Online Education Destination for mass murderers who want to better prepare for a high score. Google is a private company that isn’t discriminating against a protected group (at least in THIS instance, hah) with this move, so while these restrictions will also punish honest people, I don’t see how it isn’t their perogative to enact them.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t say what, specifically, their motivation or goal is, beyond typical corporate-speak nonsense, but for all we know they have evidence that training/information/marketing videos that fall under this umbrella have been used in specific ways by specific people that Youtube doesn’t want to lend aid to.

Of course, they still have Boeing 767 training videos up in case any future terrorists want to recreate 9/11 and don’t feel like picking up the latest version of Microsoft flight Simulator.

I’m not without empathy for hobbyists though, because I can imagine how upset I’d be if they nuked general home & appliance repair or gaming videos from the site.


Youtube is a shit show.

I watch a lot of channels that will be affected by it. One of them does historical stuff and it wont matter. They’re already getting raked over the coals by the neverending ad bullshit. Youtube is ripe for a fall. Rest assured they’ll ban everything that uses the word gun because they can’t be bothered to ever look at anything, they just let their idiot robots do it. So every game with guns in it will be banned because at some point someone will say the word “gun” and the bot will flag it.




That is massive!


That’s actually a pretty big step… for a GOP-controlled congress.


That is actually probably the actual biggest win we could reasonably expect to get on the issue (more actually important than feel good bans on bump stocks, or whatever else would be floated), and one that I fully expected to be impossible, given how low profile and inside baseball it is.

It won’t matter at all unless we get back to fact-based governance…but it’s a huge start.


Not sure it’ll do much. Studies have been done without federal money while the federal government was sidelined. Easy enough to just ignore the studies.


I’m pretty sure we already know what results will be released:

  1. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE (especially trouble, sick, monstrous, etc, people)


Easy to read exactly what you want into this. Pessimists will assume either nothing will happen or even if it does, it’ll be ignored. Optimists will say that this will usher in a new fact-based approach to gun control.

Who knows, but I will say that once a Democratically controlled Congress approves actual funding for studies, real information that shows that more guns = more gun deaths will at least be something.

Of course there are still lots of people who deny climate science no matter what the research says, so yeah, maybe nothing matters.


True, I was being pretty pessimistic. Glad to see any steps at all. However, when one side of a debate simply ignores facts and data, it’s hard to be optimistic about anything.



The YouTube ban will be the same shit show YouTube dance that they’ve been doing around pretty much everything they get called on the carpet for. They simply clamp down, with no sensible parameters and no real interest in defining any, and a bunch of people and companies that common sense says shouldn’t be effected will be adversely effected. This isn’t about effective moderation of their site, it’s about being able to let the PR guys say “We did something about it”.

As for the CDC thing…that is very big. Back in 1996, the NRA successfully lobbied to get the CDC banned from using government money to research anything that had to do with guns and gun violence. The reason was that, in the years before the ban, the CDC had been amassing research and opinion that was negatively impacting the gun industry. Studies by the CDC clearly showed the (common sense) link between having a gun in a home and the increased likelihood of gun violence or suicide in said home. Researchers were talking about doing to guns what they’d successfully done to cigarettes in the 90’s, basically turning them from status symbol into pariah.

In today’s highly charged gun debate atmosphere, having the CDC start throwing research data into the fray could end up the tipping point in convincing average Americans to demand tougher gun control legislation. It won’t repeal the Second Amendment, but it sure as hell would go a long way towards getting legislation passed for longer waiting periods, closing gun show and private sale loopholes, having a stronger background check process and instituting better gun registration and licensing programs. All things that we need yesterday.


Curious to see how the GOP & NRA will shit all over the Time cover.


I hope you are right. However, I also think that decades of the GOP base being told that scientists are all politicized and corrupt may slow or stop this process. The single-issue 2nd Amendment voters don’t strike me as open-minded or interested in data.

The only way I see this turning around is if equal numbers of pro-gun control 2nd Amendment voters emerge, and they emerge in the right places. That may be happening, thanks largely to the Parkland kids in Florida.

I watch these kids interviewed, particularly Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, and I see real reason for optimism. They’re natural leaders with terrific on-camera presence, and they are razer-focused on a particular issue. They’re the exact opposite of the vaguely defined, leaderlesss Occupy ‘movement.’


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