School shooting in Florida


Is he homeless? Because that’s the only reason someone over 40 should be wearing pants with more than a couple of small “designer distress” holes in them.


I think the word you are looking for is fashion. These pants are a thing.


My wife is mid-30s and wears some that have some “designer” tears, and she laments the fact that she can’t find any jeans without holes.

But the ones on the girl on that cover are next level.


She’s been wearing em since she was a metalhead in the 80s, so, I mean, ???


Sure. Plenty of women I know like to wear distressed designer jeans, and they look fine. Jeans like the ones in that picture though, those are meant for people in their 20’s and younger. It’s a style that looks ridiculous on anyone older.

My teenage daughter often wears clothes that elicit my comment : “Was that outfit half off, because half of it’s missing?!” Dad jokes FTW.


It’s the fake holes that bother me. Jeans should only have real holes from actual wear and tear like I had when I was in high school. All this “designer” shit looks retarded.

Anyway, maybe it’s best to stop talking about pants.


And you have to walk the extra length off.


Haha. I am familiar with dad jokes. My dad was just lucky I was more into games and computers than 200 dollar jeans.

Well here’s the thing. What the guys are wearing might as well be cookie cutter. The ladies… totally different and they stand out. If they didn’t want us to talk about the clothes, I am guessing they wouldn’t have done that. I am curious though who picked it… I assume someone at the magazine and not the teens, but maybe not.


Universal. I think my go-to joke is asking, “Is that high-fashion or something that the Goodwill store threw away?”

Every day I get older and Zoolander starts to look more and more prophetic. Derelicte!


You forgot:



No I work part time in a government office and I see employees wearing those. I just think they are an insane fashion choice. How many times can you wash them before they just dissolve? How do you put them on without getting a foot stuck in the ripped parts? And I imagine custom torn pants are probably expensive?


There was a time my daughter and one of her friends would shop the Goodwill stores for certain “fashion” items.


No thanks.



I think they way they dressed for a Time cover shows that despite everything, they are kids first…


Those jeans are awesome. And they can’t be easy to put on either.


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Heh, I should watch the Simpsons more often.

I might know what kids are wearing today now ask me if I understand it…