School shooting in Florida


Another step.


“As of today we’ll start following the law.”



So that means they’ll be removing r/shoplifting, right?


Fairly sure they already did.


So they did. Good, that subreddit was fucked.


I’m pretty sure that many of the recents changes across the Web are less about a Florida students and more about the recent passage of this new federal law.

The sites are trying to steer clear of being held liable for user-posted content.



Sort of telling now that we have enough people personally affected by school shootings to form a large movement together.


I don’t necessarily agree with them, but seeing people mock them really, really pisses me off.

They’re kids who’s friends got killed ffs.


When the other side doesnt have the moral or political high ground, they have to resort to something elss. Mockery seems to be the only tool they have left, since they can’t make an argument based on facts or values.


Eh, they could, there are reasonable defenses of the 2nd Amendment. You might not agree with them, but you don’t have to resort to insults. But since the NRA is bust threatening to kill people for what they say, it’s not surprising their puppets are out there insulting kids and acting like their heroes for doing it.


I think that ship has sailed. The sooner we get back to the 1960s interpretation of the 2nd amendment the better.


Speaking of “things that will do nothing to solve the problem” here’s a new rule for students of Stoneman Douglas:


Semi-Auto Eroticism : The website for discerning gun enthusiasts to meet and chat discreetly.

Features include:

  • Safety On : Moderated chat rooms
  • Safety Off : Unmoderated adults only chat
  • Bolt Action : Post pics of what you’re “packing”
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If I had any ability at coding, I’d 100% put this together. It would make a killing.




What I love is the people who think the 2A means what they think it means and essentially don’t care what the courts and SC say it means, saying “defer to the Founders”. You can’t support their right to create the Amendments you favor and not support the part of their system you don’t like, where the courts and SC interpret them…


But you can. Easy. Look at all the Christians and the do and do nots of the bible. They got training in that already.


Guys, guys…problem solved!


I’d rather have this and a box of ball bearings.