School shooting in Florida


I dropped out of school.

To be fair, I had a rather nice job waiting for me when I did it and eventually spent WAAAAY too many years in college, but I always like dropping that into conversations about how people did in high school, lol.


I took College Prep classes, they graded us on a 100-point scale, the highest possible score on the SAT was 1600, and my college was on the quarter system. Man, I feel old.

On the plus side, we never had a shooting at my school.


I’m really sorry (generally, not just to you) if my post sounded like it was taking it there. I considered not posting. I was really just trying to give my experiences about the ridiculousness of GPAs now. I had a few friends that were younger than me and when they graduated a few years later the valedictorian GPA had already risen to something like 6.4.


No worries with me! I actually take a little bit of pleasure at shocking the people I work with by using little nuggets like that, lol. I was once told that if I told my life story without any context, it would be ridiculously unbelievable. I kind of suppose that’s the same for most of us, but I just have a little more fun with it than most.


My life story is completely boring and believable. :P So not everyone.

But there are a lot of youse guys on this forum who I love to read stories from because of the things you have lived through.


So, the English education system, basically.


Or German, or Dutch.
I think Canada used to have a 5-year system for those going to college.


Looking at what it takes to get into school, I’d be screwed now.

I barely got accepted into a program that pretty much takes anyone.


My sister went back for her Masters after having kids, and found the process rather daunting. She was a pretty decent undergrad student a couple decades back and was only applying to local, regional-draw state universities and yet only got accepted by 1 out of 4. She then carried a 4.0 throughout the program and finished it in about a year and a half. The competition is real, in other words, but the only reason it exists at the level it does seems to be low supply (few slots for students due to the limited funding available) and high demand.

In short, same here, lol.


When my oldest daughter graduated from high school in 2007 I think, I had to have someone explain to me at the graduation how it was possible for anyone to have better than a 4.0 GPA. I think her school district had a 5.0 max at that time.


The kid refuses to back down or accept her shitty apology, and calls her out for it. Good on him!


Piece of crap Joe Walsh to David Hogg:

I’m sure that wording was coincidental.


Man, that is pathetic as hell. Probably feels like a tough guy for sure.


I like how he didn’t direct that tweet at the kid, because he knows what a pissed off teen and his millions of followers would do to him.


The grittiest courage, he “staked out a position” and subtweeted said position into the ether.


So now Cruz was bullied and the Parkland kids deserved it.
I shit you not.


Yeah, my daughter heard that particular smear from her birth father yesterday so it’s definitely making the rounds. (Emma is her hero so she was a little sad before she looked into it and discovered it was bullshit.)


Parkland kids ruined what could have been a great future GOP leader by triggering him into shooting them! Shame!


Fool me baby one more time

Next up - watch Emma Gonzalez tear up a picture of the pope!


I loved her in V for Vendetta.