School shooting in Florida


Watch Emma Gonzalez sing this great song on German TV!


From looking at this guy’s feed, I am honestly not sure if it’s satire or just really crazy.


Isn’t it pretty obvious he’s trolling? His Twitter handle is @NukeMelbourne.



Poor Frau Ingraham.


Up to 17 now.




Ha that’s hilarious.

“We can’t talk about gun control, think of the victims.”
“It’s appalling the left wants to politicize a tragedy.”
Victims speak out about gun violence, gain widespread support for sensible gun safety laws
“These so-called victims are crisis actors, worse than Nazis!”
“The real victim is the shooter!”

PS This is Frank Stallone. He deleted this tweet and took his account private. A real man.


I hope someone from Frank’s age group is dying to sucker punch that little rich bitch. Maybe Tim Conway.


I had to look up Frank Stallone to find out exactly who he is. Why do we care what he says?



Frank Stallone, right before he went private, got called out for claiming that he got shot at point blank range, and then someone posted the article about how it was him shooting himself accidentally in a gun store, and the bullet nicked his finger.


Is there a story on this? Wow what a loser.


Also, this:


That’s awesome, poor Frank!


Here was the tweet right before he went private where he was bragging about being shot.


I hope it wasn’t as serious as the time he got stabbed.



Seeing grown men and women take on these teenagers by slinging mud at them is pretty disturbing. He’s almost 70 years old, and he can’t handle addressing a child without using the word pussy and bitch. I’m guessing his words toward the teenage girls would not be much better.


This seems to be in reaction to “chatter” about repealing the 2nd.

It also shows (imo) that while many 2nd Amendment supporters loudly found their support of guns on the Constitution, if the Constitution were to change many would turn on a dime against it and cling to their guns anyway. So it has nothing to do with “defending the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic” however they might convince themselves to be true that to be true with their hyperbolic polemics.