Sci-Fi Survival/Crafting Games

There are few of these out there:

Planet Nomads
Empyrion Galactic Survival
Osiris New Dawn
Memories of Mars
Eden Star
Farlight Explorers

Maybe others that I am missing.

Most of them seem to be early access. Wondering if anyone is playing any of these games and has an opinion of any of them. They look interesting but I’m not interested in jumping in on early access because I think these games are tough to make and balance and don’t want to get left holding the bag.

I dinked around with Empyrion and it seemed pretty cool. Certainly atmospheric, though on the system-hog side of things.

Unfortunately having played this, Ark, and Subnautica a certain amount, I’ve come to the conclusion that the core gameplay of all of these games doesn’t really do it for me. They’re too heavily weighted to inventory-management for my tastes.

Well, with Derpspace on the way, I thought I’d wait for the survival/crafting module. That was in the initial specs, right?

I picked up the The Solus Project recently. I’ve only played a little bit so far, but it seemed promising. The devs are in some way or other associated with Unmechanical and The Ball, both of which I liked.

In DERPSPACE™ you will actually be able to mine metal, smelt it into ingots, stack the ingots into big spaceship walls, nail the spaceship walls together with nails that you have also created yourself and a hammer you made from a beech tree and a rock, and then mine the coal, and put the coal in the engine, and set the coal on fire, thereby attaining FTL speeds.

That’s how spaceships work, right?

Not sure what Rimworld is, does it fall in this category?

Hmm, I’ve actually been looking at Take on Mars over the last few days; got that First Martians game on the brain and all. I like the direction they tried to go with the survival campaign but boy is it glitchy and not likely to ever really be fleshed out. It was an amazing tease when they gave us Europa but then scurried off likely to never be heard from again.

Tom Mc

Sabbatical possibly? Its just been released today…

What is this? I can’t find it searching on Steam or Google.


Yeah, I should have included that in the original list, but it’s a little different take from most of the rest.

that was auto correct messing with Subnautica… Sorry!

How did this turn out for you, did you finish it ?

I’ve been waiting to get into it until I finished Yonder, so nothing new to add. I’ll probably start playing by the end of the month.

Just finished playing this one… I enjoyed it a lot, but the opening had me thinking it was going to be a more traditional survival/crafting thing than it actually turned out to be. It’s more like a sci-fi Penumbra/Amnesia: Dark Descent with hunger/thirst/temperature survival mechanics. Which worked pretty well here, but it’s more of an adventure game. Not a crafting game like my initial impressions had me thinking.