Scientific American either really crafty, or someone just had a stroke

[B]Gbalf Xozmn Ram

[/B]Rqzyk Wtacu Lkugc Aaxjx Owkyu Dkoxk Zamdg Bnuio Nmrxk Zmqyf Nqeog Ziqxf Gutxe Nkmxd Gzmqj Brqge Kxkfs Qqzui Nactg Djfnq Eenaa Xjnk

I tried rot13, which did nothing, and I’ve used up the extent of my cryptography knowledge.

Think it’s a challenge to their readership to figure it out. Pretty cool, actually. Edit to add: someone mentioned that splitting the message up into 5 character “words” is a standard practice so you can’t use the word lengths for any clues.