Scientific Single-Blind Survey

I’m conducting a quick experiment, if you’ll all allow me. Now, given this text:

Because socialism in ALL it’s forms have worked SOOOOO well in the past. You’re not a socialist, you’re just some college age kid that is trying to trick people into thinking you’re an intellectual because you have a handfull of not well thoughtout ‘views’. I see it all the time in countless college kids that just learned to think. “Blahblahblah America is the REAL enemy and facist, blahblah, blahblah.” Next you’ll say you’re a Nazi, oh but WITHOUT the whole “killing people” thing.

Saddam be a bad man for many reasons and HAS been a bad man in the past and WILL be in the future. He likes to think of himself as “cunning” and “brave” and yes, “intellectual,” because he’s gotten away with fooling the U.N. (who NEVER want to act on ANYTHING) in the past many, many many times.

We either get rid of him NOW, and really is there any other way besides war? I know! Let’s train his people to overthrow him! Or we keep one eye on him and one finger on the button for the next 20 years or so as he does whatever he wants and takes as much time as he needs when we warn him. How long did he have to hide everything before he finally agreed to let the inspectors in? You couldn’t find your neighbors porno collection if you had a key and a map, what makes you think the inspectors could find something in an entire country that had months to hide it?

So NAZI stands for “National Super-dee-duper Party”? Are you in favor of EVERY unproven, unfounded and idealistic theory on Earth as well? “We should go to Mars since they have water and atmosphere IN THEORY!!1”

Stupid ass, I KNOW you’ve been saying you’re for a regime change. But how else to do it instead of war? You see THAT is the reason I wrote: "We either get rid of him NOW, and really is there any other way besides war? I know! Let’s train his people to overthrow him! "

You WANT him OUT of power, so HOW do we do it without war?

Just cause you picked up a few buzzwords off of CNN doesn’t mean you’re the next Tom Brokaw jackass. And yeah, the CIA thing SUUUURE has worked VERY well in the mid east before huh? Isn’t that why Saddam’s in power NOW? Isn’t that who train OBL? And yeah, assassinate them, never mind that it’s against what America’s foreign policy has been for…oohh 30 years? Or that conspiracy nuts and militia crazies will be up in arms. Hell, why not just mail him some anthrax with a note that says “God bless America, FAG”?

Can anyone hazard a guess as to who this might be? Hint: think of people who post here regularly.



I guess the other option would be Dr Crypt.

I am going to say it is…Jason McCullough’s evil twin (or Jason is the evil one and his brother is just not as well spoken).


I guess the other option would be Dr Crypt.

Come on, that’s Cookie all over the place.

I don’t go in for random capitalization. :D

I’m saying Cookiepants or Jakub.

God Bless America FAG is not really your style either Jason. :wink:

Don’t encourage him. I posted this about four months ago in a completely different forum, he’s now followed me here in order to repost heavily edited post from me for no specific purpose at all.

Please just let this die. It has no use other than to goad me and drum up business for his site as well as reestablishing whatever link he thinks he has to me. I think he just misses me.

Yay I was right.

Damn you guys, couldn’t you give me a bit more credit for making coherent arguments? That does NOT sound like me. :(

Actually, it isn’t heavily edited, it’s from those two posts that were made, supposedly not by you, as the mysterious Fight (who posted the text you just admitted to writing) defends the janitor (Cookiepants’ moniker on other sites and his own Godawful one).

So you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of you coming to my site under different nicks and bothering my people with your nonsense. And you have a lot of chutzpah to accuse me of shilling for my site, when you link to your poorly-conceived JeffK-clone abomination at every opportunity.


I see the forums are up today.

Sorry to unfairly malign you, Jakub. :lol: