Scooby Doo

Who else has seen it? I thought there were some comments floating around here about it already, but I couldn’t find them. My wife and I went and saw it, and it was substantially less bad than I expected. It was pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Sure, it’s kid-oriented (with some grown-up humor thrown in), but it wasn’t too bad.

I saw it. I was mildly amused. Basically, they took a mildly amusing cartoon and stretched it too long.

The only parts really worthwhile were seeing that actor do Shaggy dead on and some of the chase scenes. Freddy, Velma, and the other chicks were zeros.

Rowan Atkinson was sort of fun.

For the curious and the hardcore Scooby fans only.

“hardcore Scooby fans”

Whan a world, what a world!

Couple of Spoilers

I finally saw it on DVD this weekend and thought it was a pretty decent film. It may have something to do with my very, very low expectations, but I watched it a couple of times with my daughter. The “crude humor” section was one of the funniest parts. Was it me or was the actress playing Velma much more attractive than Sarah Michelle Geller? If you watch the deleted scences on the DVD, there is one scene where she isn’t in full “Velma” garb and looks pretty good.

Overall, a good film for people with kids. Anything controversial is buried pretty deep (e.g. Mary Jane is Shaggy’s love interest) and most kids will miss it.


Was it me or was the actress playing Velma much more attractive than Sarah Michelle Geller?

Not at all. Nobody’s more attractive than SMG. :-)

She was wy too hot to play Velma, though…Just wrong.

Yeah, that was Linda Cardinelli from “Freaks And Geeks”. She was H.O.T., and much better looking than the SMG stick figure that played Daphne.

I’ll but the DVD just for the scene when she takes off her sweater!

I don’t give a damn about my reputation…

Great show, Freaks and Geeks. Still going through the reruns on ABC Family. I love you Tivo!