Scorched Earch has made a comeback :)

Thought some of you would be interested in this, an OpenGL remake of one of the best games ever made.

Darn… I was really hoping for a wargame detailing Operation Barberosa. :-)

You must be thinking of that “Rouge Shear” game. :wink:

  • Alan

There’s also a very faithful reproduction at

Bumps a 9 year old thread


Feel free to, you know, not.


Too bad, Imma do it anyway’s!

You’re a pretty pathetic little idiot if you actually said to yourself “hey, I’m gonna troll that forum that banned me a month ago.” Get a job, dude.

But thanks for bumping this. Downloading now.

I, for one, am plenty excited for a Scorched Earch (sic) thread.

Yeah, this was actually a good 9-year-old thread to bump.

Hey, Haven’t played this in a while.

Hmmm… Glad my drunk actions brought joy to some people…

Neat. I used to play Scorched Earth, but I’ve never seen this before. Downloading now.

best thread bump ever

I’m credited in the History. ;)
Am surprised that thing is even still online. Who pays the bills?

I saw the title and thought it was referring to a resurrection of Robert Coffey’s CGW column.