Scorched Earth XBLA?

Looks pretty damned close.

As a PC gamer, the only thing about the 360 that I envy is XBLA. Lotta cool stuff there, I must say. But yeah, I wouldn’t be caught dead playing a shooter with a fucking gamepad… lol!

Isn’t Scorched Earth an archaic PC game? I remember playing that, it was fucking deep. Is this the game I’m thinking of? Also, I guarantee the XBLA version gets nerfed somehow, there were a ton of weapons and stuff in Scorched Earth, and I just had the demo off of one of those “100 action/arcade games” discs.

Death’s Heads and Funky Bombs for all (hopefully)!

Yeah it’s from 1991. One of the first pc games I ever played.

Funky bombs were awesome, especially when you’d set one off in desperation and the last bomb would zip back and smack you.

Yeah, Scorched Earth is Tank Wars + awesome.

Nice. Is it free yet? I know there are other alternatives, but I was wondering if I could pick it up guilt free.

Chaotic wall type, 10 random opponents (no cyborgs), max terrain variations. Go.

Awesome! i remember going to a Pen & Paper gaming con in the early 1990s and the whole thing was derailed because some people brought scorched earth on some pcs.