Scotland, PA

Anybody see this one? It’s a bit of Fargo combined with a rural America re-telling of MacBeth set in the 70’s. The soundtrack is great and I really enjoyed the modern implementation of the familiar MacBeth characters.

I think the motivation to murder Duncan was a bit forced to further the plot, but for the sake of this black comedy, it can easily be accepted. And it has Christopher Walken as MacDuff, Maura Tierney as Mrs. MacBeth (they use the spelling “McBeth” in the film), and Andy Dick as one of the Weird Sisters – how can you go wrong?

My only complaint with this DVD is that it’s not closed captioned, so my wife can’t watch it – but other than that, it’s a first-rate production.

It’s quite odd that it wouldn’t include a subtitle of some sort.

No kidding. It happens sometimes with indie films, though. No subtitle, no cc… nothing.

I’m well-versed in searching for cc alternatives on DVDs. :)

Why is that ? What language is it in ?

It’s in Scottish.

You’re getting better.

I got it from NetFlix a little while back and loved it. Watched it three or four times within a couple days, which is very unlike me.

Great movie. One of the few i think Voltaic and I can agree on.

I just watched it on the ‘Sundance’ channel and I LOVE it! They kept it true to the material while still ‘updating’ it. And they didn’t have to use any gimmicky things like still speaking in Shakespearen manner to get the point across. And it funny too!
However if anyone can see Andy Dick from where they are, please hit him very hard, not for anything in this movie, just in general.
Also would somebody PLEASE explain how Christopher Walken can seem totally out of place ANYWHERE??
Jack: If you have the ‘Sundance channel’, or know anyone who does, it IS captioned there. If not then PM me, I could tape it for you.

Thanks, CC. PM sent.

I liked how Walken’s character was filled in with subtlety: The vegetarianism, the motivational tapes, the weird little maraca dance. It seems his character was a savage, type A carnivore just before the movie picks up and he’s going through a desperate restructure of his life. Walken’s awkwardness adds to this, I think.

I used to dislike Walken because he seemed to play the same character in every film… but now I find it amusing, in a comforting way. He’s just naturally quirky, I guess.