SCOTUS under Trump


Ah, so you accidentally swapped all the Rs and Ls in the same word twice in the same post. You definitely did not forget how the word was spelled. Gotcha.


Forget the spelling of the word. What’s up with this?

Do kids not eat toast anymore? What is this world coming to?


You’re going on two posts now to try to drive home the point that someone may have misspelled a word?


Yeah, maybe you’re going for tongue-in-cheek but it’s coming off being-an-asshole.


Forget it, Kev; it’s Zylontown.


Nope, it’s that affluent people and nations usually have smaller family sizes. It’s correlationally, not cause.

Just like ice cream sales correlate to murder rates. As one goes up, so does the other. The third factor in the equation is that summer and heat correlate with both, and is probably the causal factor.

It’s one of those things drilled into me when I was taking my psychology courses in undergrade, and why research and experimentation is necessary, rather than relying on correlation. Otherwise we might as well be sociologists and nobody wants that.

Anyway, the original psychology article was already posted above.


Oh god, please hang in there RBG.


Oh Jesus. Halfway through that headline, my pulse probably shot up about 50 bpm.


A scenario that occurred to me last night was the Dems win the Presidency and the Senate in 2020, but RBG passes away a week later. Trump and the lame-duck R’s march through another far-right justice who passes on a party-line vote.


Goddammit. We’re gonna be so screwed if she doesn’t make it.


So is she.


Two years is a long time. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump gets to appoint another justice.


Wouldn’t she have to just make it one year?


Hahahah. Meaning that McConnell would apply the McConnell rule to himself? No way.


We’re gonna need more 'HA’s


Just a thought…


A political supposition reliant on the personal honor and fairness of Mitch McConnell is a poorly supported position indeed. . .


He’s already said that he’d appoint a judge all the way up until the last day of Trump’s presidency. He’s said, “Oh, it’s only a problem when the senate is controlled by a different party than the President.”


Which he would double-back on in five seconds if it were a Republican president and a Democratic Senate.


Came across this a bit randomly but 27 years ago, seems like SCOTUS hearings were pretty much the same. Damn, Robin Williams was just amazing.