Scources for Science Book Recommendations

I’m interested in finding a magazine or newspaper that regularly recommends non-fiction science books. A perfect example would be the NY Times year-end book editors’ recommendations, but focused on science writing. Information regarding an institute that gives yearly awards in the area, like a Pulitzer of science, would also be helpful. Any suggestions?

On a related note, a Google search found Discover magazine’s recommended reading for year-end 2003 and 2004. Do any Qt3ers know if they did these round-ups prior to 2003?

Thanks in advance for any help. The regular book threads in this forum often are helpful as well.

I vaguely recall Scientific American having an excellent selection of books reviews in each issue, but I haven’t subscribed in 4 years so I can’t be sure it was them and not something else…

Scientific American and Discover are generally good about recommending science related books; the former slightly more academic than the latter in analysis I think. A couple of the major newspapers publish book review (New York Times and Washington Post I believe) weeklies that aren’t too bad. The skeptical mags (Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer) on occasion, as does Outside and National Geographic Adventure. Wired has brief reviews.

— Alan

Pick up a Skeptic magazine and flip to the back, they have a whole library of great books, and you’re fairly assured of them all being hard and non-woo-woo.