Scourge of Worlds -- A D&D Adventure

Has anyone seen this yet (before it’s release this Tuesday)? Is this like a CGI version of D&D meets Dragon’s Lair?

It sounds interesting, but the best part is:

“Customers interested in this product were also interested in…Irreversible, Theatrical Release”.

What the hell?

God help the games industry if this thing became a monster hit…

Your Power Pill

TSR tried this same sort of thing back in the 90s with VHS adventures, and then again with interactive audio CDs, and they’ve never been a big success.

I don’t really get why they keep going back to this well. For the same $ the consumer can get a real CRPG, not just Dragon’s Lair with motion capture.

DVDs should work better than having to wind and rewind a VHS to a specified location to get the next part of the adventure.

I don’t feel like shelling out the money for this, but the concept isn’t bad. I don’t always feel like playing a CRPG just because of the time it will take just to get into a game session – you don’t sit down to play Morrowind for 45 minutes. You set aside a couple of hours. Sitting on the couch and being mostly passive while watching an interactive D&D adventure could be interesting.