SCP-087 The Game

Some of you may know of the SCP Foundation. SCP-087 is one of the more popular entries.

Now it’s a fan made game. RPS reviews it.

If it’s your cup of tea please use the direct download link in the RPS review. Other sites have been putting out infected versions of the game. I have downloaded it. Run AVAST and Malware Bytes on it and installed and run it on my system.

From the front page of the SCP wiki:

02/24/12 Sad times, all. There’s been a lot of excitement over the recent fan developed game of SCP-087 (including a lot from the staff here and at other places), but recent reports in the site chat (and forum threads such as these) have led us to suggest that users avoid downloading this game from untrustworthy sources. Make sure you scan these files for viruses before you run them.

I only just discovered the SCP Wiki a couple of weeks ago, but it’s BRILLIANT. Some of the entries are just so creepy.

I used to have a recurring nightmare about this as a kid, except the stairwell was well-lit and went on literally forever, with every door locked, and kindly old black men every few floors trying to reassure me while also telling me there was no escape.

Scatman Crowthers?

I like some of the SCP stuff, but as with any user contributed compilation, the quality and tone varies.

I tried the SCP-087 thing a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool at first, but it quickly got boring. I’m surprised I made it to the “end” because I came very close to just quitting a couple of times. Then again, despite the beauty of the visuals, I didn’t really care for Dear Esther either. <shrug>

Anyone have a list of good entries on that SCP wiki? SCP-087 was good, but I read a couple of others at random and found them a bit lame.

I read from 1-200 in order. My understanding is that the earlier ones have the more original stories.

I personally like the Keter-class objects, which are basically the malicious / dangerous ones. They also tend to have the best “event reports”, as it were.

There’s also reports about using various SCP’s to contain / destroy / communicate with other SCPs, and I like tracing through them that way. 682 has a pretty good chain to some others.

I also like Cassy, which links to some other fairly clever ones to show how they can make interactions between various SCPs.

There’s also the site’s own list of top-rated entries.

I haven’t been here in about a year, but there’s a lot of damn good work on the SCP wiki. Much better than the remarkably similar “500 objects of power” (not the exact name) creepy pasta series on 4chan, at the very least.

I’d never read 087 before, but the event reports for that were phenomenal. Very, very nicely done. I’m curious about the game, but stuck at work :(

So is there anywhere official to download this thing? (More official than some random zip file hanging out at one of Mediafire’s IP address?)

Like I said, that’s where I got it from and it was clean. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that RPS wouldn’t have a link to malware up for a month.

I’ve never heard of SCP before, but thanks very much for putting me onto it. I’ll definitely be reading more of the site and checking out the game.

There’s no option to invert the mouse look. Anyone know where the key bind config lives? There’s got to be a way to change this. I’ve seen a couple of places purporting to have updated the game to include this option, but I’m wary of downloading from anywhere but the link provided by RPS.

This SCP wiki looks like the biggest time sink since the TV Tropes Wiki.

How about the SCP on TV Tropes?

So is there an end? I’ve got down far enough to get the occasional glimpse of… shadowy things… but I had to shut it off shortly after.

Yes there is. As a fan of the SCP-087 story, I found it pretty disappointing.

Oh, there’s an actual end? That seems like an odd choice. Seems more in keeping with the original that you just keep going until something (unseen) kills you.

That would be “the end.” Although you do get to see a face.

Just Youtube it. Make sure to FF to the end of the video. It really is pretty boring in “game” form.

The last field report from SCP-087 seems to indicate there is a bottom to the stairwell. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t read it, but that was my takeaway. I love that the fourth, and obviously most interesting field report had been expunged, leaving to one’s imagination what happened that was so bad it stopped any future exploration. Or is the game supposed to be the events from the fourth field report?