SCP-087 The Game

Apparently this is the author’s youtube account:

whyyyyyy. :(

Now I have no time left for things. Only time to read page after page after page.

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, can someone please explain that site to me??

Internet horror writer amateurs (originally 4channers, now anyone) create a wiki of “written-in-universe-style” articles about a series of mysterious objects, beings, and happenings that are the focus of a fictional “Foundation” that seeks to “Secure, Contain, Protect.” Hence SCP.

Something like Warehouse 13, or X-Files, but with the benefit of wiki-power to ensure that there is enormous amounts of interlinked, constantly-revised content.

Part horror, part scifi, part collaborative fiction/worldbuilding. It’s fun, sometimes goofy, and usually pretty spooky :)

Thank you.