Scratched CD

Asked this before… Trying again to get more varied answers.

I finally found Suikoden 2 for a reasonable price. It’s scratched. What can help?

There are machines that can resurface a disc. Ask your local Blockbuster (or EB) if they might be able to get one done for you.

I’ve had luck with a thin, evenly applied layer of non-abrasive toothpaste on the scratched area. This means no baking-soda brands. This might just be one of those bizarre audio urban legends, but it seemed to work for me.

That DVD resurfacing gadget you can get at Fry’s actually works pretty well.

I have one of those Skip Doctor gadgets that I have used to resurrect several of my kids’ game CDs. It works fine on shallow scratches, but deeper ones still are a problem.

Hot damn that things expensive.

There was a period of time a few years ago when our local EBs had STACKS of SkipDoctor or CDDoctor or whatever it was called just sitting everywhere. You couldn’t buy anything without getting the hard sell for this thing.

Pretty much every used CD/DVD store I’ve been in will do this for you, probably for around $5.

I used to have a Skipdoctor, but the plastic piece of shit broke after the second CD I resurfaced :( .

Car wax and a quick buffing works for my scratched CDs

And I bought one, and it never fixed one “broken cd” that I ran through it.
Not once, ever!

It doesn’t fix cds that are cracked…only ones with scratches that aren’t extremely deep.