Scream 4 - Should I care?

What’s the deal with Scream 4? Is anyone actually interested in it?

Up until today, I just assumed it was another Hollywood quick cash-in on an established franchise (and it probably is). I didn’t realize that it was directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. I know the odds of it turning out good are slim, but the original Scream was a big deal for me as a teenager who grew up watching horror movies. I still believe it was one of the most important horror movies, despite that countless terrible movies exist because of it, including, presumably, Scream 4.

The involvement of the original creators has me mildly optimistic. Craven said wasn’t going to get involved with the movie unless he thought the script was good, and he doesn’t have a long history of with working on garbage. Williamson hasn’t really done anything I’ve heard of since Dawson’s Creek, so I don’t know what his deal is. Is he making this movie for a paycheck or does he actually believe in it?

I might go check it out, and I feel guilty saying that.

I’ve never seen any of them. I’m still puzzled how I missed all the campy gore films. Guess I was watching too much Star Trek - hehe.

Scream was more a tribute/commentary on campy horror movies, while still managing to be a good horror movie in its own right. It was basically responsible for the resurgence or horror movies that has been going since it came out - wow, 15 years ago!.

There was a Scream 2?

The first scream movie was awesome - really, really cool, and much of the cast has gone on to become mainstream stars.

I only briefly glimpsed the commercial for Scream4 here in Denmark, but it looked more like a spoof movie to me? Growler on the phone, girl hands over the phone to the girlfriend saying “its for you” and the like?

That’s part of the charm. One of the AV Club guys said on twitter that where the first Scream movie was about a bunch of teenagers who know they’re in a slasher movie, Scream 4 is about a bunch of teenagers who know they’re in a Scream movie.

There are few horror movies I enjoy anymore, but I have enjoyed each of the Scream movies. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but, IMO, does not go over the line of getting too stupid. Plus, there are some genuine scary moments. The fact that the characters know the horror cliches, try to go against them, but still fall into them gives it a dash of uniqueness added to some comfortable familiarity.

I actually find myself getting a little excited about it. It still doesn’t feel like it needs to be “reinvented” yet like the Freddie/Jason/Michael Myers flicks have needed. Plus, the cast is always above average. Usually with these films, the central characters drop out and are replaced by people who still do horror flicks because that’s what they can get. Many of the actors can get plenty of other work.There is certainly a lot to hate about them, but as horror flicks go, they aren’t that bad.

First of all, the posters say SCRE4M, so we should clearly respect that decision.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette working together again? Can these crazy kids bring the magic back to their love life?



…I’ve been waiting for Neve Campbell to be the killer since the second one, so that’s my bet here.

Scream 1 was a great deconstruction of the slasher fic and a good movie to boot. Then Scary Movie happened. I hope Scre4m is good but I have serious doubts.

I don’t really put scary movie into the same category…well, maybe in a separate sub category entitled “Naked Gun-esque”. They have their place, but are too cheesy and done to death at this point (I realize the same can be said for the Scream movies).

Filmed before the breakup, I believe.



She is from Birmingham, AL like yours truly. The same Episcopal priest that married my wife and I married them. So if 50% of all marriages fail, then 50% of that priests marriage probably fail, so I guess my wife and I are safe…not sure how I feel about that. ;)



I love the cast, so I’m in.

Sure, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, but also…

Kristen Bell?
Anna Paquin?
Alison Brie?
Hayden Panettiere?

Yeah, I’m there.

Wha??? Kristen Bell. If she was the only one, I would be on top of it…so to speak.

Aaaaaand there goes that priest’s .500 average.


I’m impressed by the amount of “well-known” talent in the movie. Many many recognizable people.

Is it in the Scream they kill Buffy in a long chase scene? (whatever the artist is called)