Screaming Obscenities at Freelancer

Why God? WHY?

Why must you include a race level in your lovely space murder game? Why do game companies feel the need to add irritating race games to everything?

This should be known as “The Mafia Flaw.” A huge, scabby wart on an otherwise beautiful game.

I thought the race was cool, reminded me of the training levels in Tie Fighter. I thought it was a nice change of pace. Maybe I’m not complaining because I won on the first go. :P

Lancersreactor has tips on beating this -

As I recall it is pretty easy and the guy makes a big mistake at one point every time so it is easy to pass him. Not nearly as difficult as the Mafia race.

– Xaroc

Is it just me or is the freelancer campaign just really, really easy. I’m up to like mission 10 or 11 or something and have died once (in the most recent mission) because I think I stuck the cruise engine on or stuck myself in formation mode or something.

And I just can’t get over the…

Sulu! Gimli! What are you doing here? feeling during half the cutscenes.

I’m also slightly disappointed that unlike most radical organizations, there’s no sex going on. You’ve got this chick and this guy on the run from their home and everyone is out to get them, and there’s no sexual tension at all?
I think I can tie this into the fact that bars are places for business by coming up with some strange plot point that the sleeper ships to Sirius caused major shrinkage in the guys and turned all the women into ice queens.

That race was pretty easy, just hit ‘cruise’ and drive. It did seem kind of a convoluted way to progress the story, though. Still, it’s probably better than, “Ok, beat me in space combat and I’ll talk.”

I think it’s actually a requirement that all space sim games have a ring course implemented. Fine print somewhere or something. I don’t think Freespace had one, but most of the others did IIRC.

There has been only one mission where I was in serious trouble. The one battle before you land on the planet to get the archeologist chick.

Man, I must suck at the campaign missions. I quit in disgust with that hairy furrball with Commander Walker and the stupid space station - I died many times. Maybe I was too weak for the mission or something but I found that the 3rd campaign mission (or maybe the 4th) really sucked :0.

I am quite weak at action games but I have enjoyed this one. Playing multi on the Qt3 server I’ve racked up hundreds of kills and have won some truly scary battles against frightening odds – my best is taking on 4 Corsair Aces in Centurions while also fighting 4 Red Hessian Veterans in Stillettos, while flying a puny Dragon armed with looted weapons. I killed the last three enemy with no ammo, no bots/batteries and 1/2 pixel of health, with smoke trailing across the screen. Then I got up and did a little dance :).

I am really enjoying the multi but the campaign just sucked.

I might try it again later. Any suggestions?


PS now that I have my Eagle I am available for cooperative play on the server.

You’d hate the mission I mentioned then. It’s something like 10-12 reinlanders shooting you in the ass and chuckling.

I need to get on the QT3 server and play around, but no one is ever on.

Geez, you guys need better mouse skillz. ;) That battle with Cmdr. Walker was tough, but doable. Keep it up. ;)

I’ve never lost a mission until the damn race.

I’ve found that the best way to win in larger battles is to thrust a lot and when someone turns around and starts heading at you firing, wait til they’re about 200m away from you and launch a missile or two. The missiles knock them out quickly. Also: don’t forget counter-measures. Always drop a lot of mines.

Another tip: When a missile is fired at you, slide severely to one side or another while kicking in the thrusters. That’ll usually cause the missile to lose its lock on you. :) Save money and don’t buy needless countermeasures.

If you drop mines frequently, and load up on shield/nanytes, the entire campaign is easy. Unlike in most sims, where you’ll be destroyed quickly when fighting multiple opponents if you just focus on pursuing one, there’s no reason not to just lock onto one in Freelancer – just use mines if you’re travelling in a straight line for too long.

The campaign is definitely tougher than any of the random missions, however, although it starts very easily. Post race, it definitely picks up.

The race, JUST LIKE THE ONE IN MAFIA, was dead easy. I don’t know how some people even operate an automobile when there is so much complaining at these two titles for this type of mini game.

Desslock is basically right, but I didn’t have that on the Ashcroft mission (very early on) and I didn’t realize how long the damned thing would be so I used up all my goodies in the first couple of segments. Then when it came time for the real fight I couldn’t do it. I kept reloading from the autosave, but that was AFTER I had blown my missiles and nanobots. However, once I redid the whole mission, it wasn’t so bad really. I did, however, get creamed the first time I visited teh TEXAS system. I popped into normal space and got hammered by 3 or four pirate ships that must have been suped up somehow becase I died almost instantly.

My tactics are pretty simple. When I see enemies ahead, unload lasers on one guy and launch a couple of missiles (configured to my middle mouse button). That usually takes him out. Then everyone else brakes and chases me. Then I start hearing “incoming missile” so I make a hard turn, hit the afterburners, and drop a counter measure. Then I look for the next guy to put in my sights. So far I’ve muddled through but it feels less like “flying a spaceship” and more like “line up the targeting reticle on the red cross.” But then, that’s how Freespace felt to me too. :?

One problem I have is running out of shield potions. I consider a non-story mission unprofitable if I use up too many of those. At $200 a pop they aren’t cheap! Of course you can salvage them sometimes, but there aren’t always enough floating around.

Also, I just rather expensively upgraded my Defender ship with a couple of Class 4 weapons, a Deluxe Thruster and a better shield. I guess I’m getting better results but I’m not quite sure. I still don’t feel that tough. I hope I haven’t muddled all that positron/graviton mucky-muck. Are you supposed to have 1 of each type of gun? Then I use missiles for the kill shot after the shields are down.

I’m almost thinking of going back to a Rhino. I loved the 45 turrets that thing had…

The ‘gun is weak vs. XXX shields, gun is best vs. YYY shields’ thing is not all that important.

Shields they suck at hurting take 80% damage, shields they are good at hurting take 120%, others take whatever the actual damage is.

So, really, pick what you want, it will punch through eventually and hull damage is hull damage.

… however it is an easy race. I finished it the 2nd time (the first time I figured I should break and attack when they started shooting at me :)

Anyway, it really shouldn’t have been there at all. While it’s generally a good game, there are some incredibly dumb things in it, like the incredibly stupid NPC conversations in bars. For heaven’s sake, just pop up the final dialogue choice and don’t subject me to another 5 minutes of:

So… you new here?


My name is (click) Foobar.

I’m with the (click) Quuxes.

We (click) run this place.

What you need, man?

What you got?

I got everything you might ever want, Mr…


Card please… (click) OK, you’re OK.

I heard this (click) useless rumor… maybe you’d like to hear it too?


Yeah, yeah, I know i can actually <esc> out of this whole inane dialogue sequence, but the fact they decided to give you the option to escape out of it shows that they recognized how stupid it was, and therefore should have just canned it in the first place. Plus I bet a lot of players never figure out they can skip it and listen to it over and over and over again.

Why the hell would they do that anyhoo? I mean you have people being recorded to do that, right? Noone thought they should let them vary from the script a little? why bother having voice in game like that? All they had to do was have the actors adlib it…