Screen goes black

I have a Samsung monitor I use both for my pc and my 360. The past couple of weeks it has started to misbehave.

The typical scenario is this. I press the “source” button on the screen to make it switch displays to my 360. I play an hour or two on my 360, press the “source” button again to switch back to my pc, see my desktop…and two seconds later the screen goes black.

I turn it off, then on again, see the desktop for two seconds and then it’s black again. Repeat this for a minute or two until finally it’s working again.

I’ve also seen this behaviour on reboots recently.

Help me out here qt3, what is the most likely source of the problem.

First question - is it possible that your computer is trying to put the monitor in power save mode, either properly or erroneously? I’m assuming that when you switch source back to the 360 that everything looks fine.

Power supply could be failing on it. I had an issue with my 21" lcd with the power supply having swollen capacitors. I simply ripped it apart and changed them. $1.25 to fix the monitor or like $300 for a new one.

Have you changed monitor or video card drivers recently?

If not maybe try reinstalling the last ones you knew worked fine.

I have not changed drivers and this monitor is three and a half years old.

The problem remains if I try to switch back to my 360. I had to check this because normally I only saw this when I turned off my 360 and wanted to go back to displaying my desktop, but with the 360 on I get the same error when I switch back, a few seconds of a working display and then it goes black again.

As for the failing power supply, I could probably do a bit of soldering if I had to but I have no idea what components to look for, and no idea where I could find suitable replacements. The monitor is a 226BW. I wish my dad was still around, he was a trained electrician. I’m just a dabbling amateur.

How are the power save options on the PC set? Maybe temporarily setup everything to never shut down, no matter what. See if it still happens.

Yeah, I had this exact same issue and it turned out the monitor was failing. I suggest swapping in another monitor if possible and seeing if the problem goes away - if you don’t have one maybe you can borrow one from a pal temporarily or some such.