Screw this talking about games! I'm playing one!

If anyone else is as bored as I am, I am going to be playing some expansion’d Diablo II for a while, just for fun.

The game is called “Two Forty-Five” and the password is “wii”.

More people should be announcing game on’s!

I still play SOF2 every day. I just don’t talk about it.

I wonder if I have time to reinstall Diablo 2 + expansion and join your game? I’m assuming you’re on the West Coast realm.

Bah needed advanced notice for shit bonerz sake!

I will provide more advance notice next time, I swear.

And I was actually on US East, but I forgot to mention that (I’m up late tonight).

I’ll likely be up tomorrow night and willing to play something - I have Dungeon Siege 2 looking at me, even though I’ve never played it, but some multi Warcraft III or something might be a kick, too. I’ll usually kick on Skype if I’m playing something.

He was on East Coast, but I wasn’t getting too much lag. We made it all the way to the Stony Field. I’m up for continuance, at least until everyone else advances way the hell past my character.

I can use US West if the majority would prefer. St. Louis gets routed through both Chicago and Dallas, so it’s even money which I can use.

Are we talking a normal or “open” battlenet game? Ladder or non-ladder? etc etc etc.

I played normal and ladder.

Probably more effective to put the game name in the title of threads like this…

If anyone still plays Brood War I’d be up for that.

I’m on a raid in X-COM: Apocalypse. Diablo defected to the aliens and now I’m puttin’ the hurt down. Hopefully I can hurt them so much they go bankrupt. First I blew the hell out of one of their slum buildings with the rumble cannon of an AFV, now I’m brining a bunch of Marsec high explosive and I’m going to level a slum by hand, the old fashioned way.

More games need to have out of the box thinking strategies like this.

… or more people should get their Xfire setup…

I still play occasionally - always USEast HCL. Mostly I’ll be in Amazon Basin private games though.

From the Civ4 patcher: “No, I don’t want to play games online with my friends.”

OK, firing up a fresh diablo2lod game – us east/normal/ladder, game name “two forty-five”, password “wii”.

I’m playing a game called “Troubleshoot the Firewall” right now, it’s awesome!

I will be playing some games late tonight (prolly with the west coasters), since Friday night is family night around here.

Space Rangers 2

Die space pirates!! …oh yeah, those evil machine guys too.

friends? what? where? when why how when why what? wha…err…yeah. hmm. i heard about those once, but i don’t remember what they are ;)

Mine’s all set up, but mostly I only play Guild Wars online