Screw you, Fox. (Family Guy Volume 3 DVD)

Three minutes of unskippable ads on Disc One. What the hell does Office Space have to do with Family Guy? I don’t know, but I now want to go download the movie out of spite. Also, that ad will really be relevant six months or a year down the road when I want to watch these again. Bullshit. This crap better not be on discs two and three.

The “buttons-don’t-work” flag is the worst standard ever. Are there any DVD players out there that ignore it rather than me?

That sucks. I’m also kind of surprised that this disk is already out. Weren’t those episode just on a few months ago? I really don’t feel as much of a need to run out and buy the disk, having just seen them.

What about commentary tracks? How many are they and are they any better than on the first 2 volumes?

Yeah, they’re the ones from earlier this year. I just got the set today, so I haven’t checked out the features yet, but the back of the box says there are commentaries are “selected” episodes as well as some table reads. I’m hoping the table reads are entertaining.

You paid Fox to watch their ads.

I think you need to change where you’re getting your media, not what you play it on.

I’m just amazed that anyone can watch these new Family Guys, let alone that anyone’s rushed out to buy the DVDs. Last season was weak, and this year’s episodes have been painfully unfunny. Especially that subplot last week where Chris does the chores for the old pedophile. Jesus. That was really, really fucking creepy, especially that song while the old guy was dreaming he was a woman married to Chris in the 50s.

Sorry, but yuck. I’ll take the ads.

That song was from the movie version of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors.”


It reminds me of the horrifying Arrested Development season one intro by Ron Freaking Howard. Course, that was skippable, but it still scares the crap out of me whenever I pop in dvd 1. Thanks for warning me about the gaskets I will surely pop when I am forced to endure those ads.