Screw you, Jinbe!


You and your filthy mustache! A curse on your hick-laden, hoe-wieldin’ family. All I’m trying to get is friggin’ cabbages and you go around, “HUR HUR HUR! Gotta use the hoe! Gotta fill up the holes! Can’t donate cabbage to the moles!” What’s it to you? Eight cabbages! Don’t you get a government pension or something! I’ve got eight mouths to feed there and all you’ve got is your stupid hairy mouth to gorge on.

Molekind will know you as their worst enemy, so help me, Mole God!

I’m gonna get those eight cabbages in the holes one day and you’re going to go down! DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! To hell! Where you’ll roast like a turkey, while evil turd demons turn you around on a spit and say, “Fill the holes! Fill the holes! With barbecue sauce!”

I’m going to get you, you miserable greedy piece of eight-bit, puke green mustachoied farmer slime!



I wonder if his hair got really tall and spikey when he was typing that.

Muddy? Is that you?

  • Alan

Ha ha ha ha ha, take that, Jinbe! You got what you deserved, you awful speedbump on the road to humanity! I’ve got your cabbages now and what are you going to do? Nothing, because you’ll be in hell where demons will plug your nose with popsicle sticks until you bleed hick blood! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! You cannot resist me for long! The Mole God is on my side, the only god you’ve got is the God of Stupidity and as you can see, he can’t do much for people like K0NY, so what hope have you got? None!