Scribblenauts Unlimited! for PC!

So no thread for this? ok , I accept the challenge!

I wasn’t sure what the heck this game was about, then I saw the Total Biscuit video here.

And its freaking awesome, I am sure its meant for kids, but I can easily see myself getting a few hours of enjoyment out of it.

This will be a definite winter sale pickup.

Also tons of stuff in the Steam Workshop for it:

And some art I found over at Kotaku:


So, can you actually draw then? I could find no info on being able to create new objects from scratch.

Is this better than the original Scribblenauts?
I was intrigued by the concept for a long time, and when I finally got to play it was very disappointing to see just how limited the library of available words really was. Sure, there’s some insane stuff, but more often than not I found myself unable to “make” what I wanted because the game wouldn’t recognize the term.
Also, the levels were a very bumpy ride. Only a few good ones, mixed with some that were extremely easy and some others that were extremely hard (because the designer had intended some specific solution for you which was far from obvious).


Yes. But I don’t think it’s solved the issues with the original concept. It’s a fun sandbox to make stuff and play around, but the level design is pretty much the same as the original. You have to figure out what items the dev was thinking of when they made the level, type it in, and win that level.

One level featured a block of ice that needed to be melted to thaw out the caveman inside. We spawned a flamethrower, which damaged the ice, which then died. Not melted, died. It had a health bar and everything. No caveman, failed level. We summoned a heater and dropped it next to the ice. Nothing. The clue for the level was “we can melt him out of ice with science.” So I typed “science” and summoned a big metal thingy which fell on the ice block, which disappeared and was replaced with the caveman. And we won that level. WTF.

My children (12 and 7) have since beat the game, and are still playing around with it everyday. It’s a lot of fun, but most of it is just sandboxing it.

I’ll be all over this at the first sign of a 50% off Steam Sale.

My kids have the second Scribblenauts for the DS, and they love the thing. I’m actually surprised just how big the list of words is - they come up with some whacky stuff and it happily draws something usually at least in the ballpark. I’m pretty positive, for example, it tossed up a police/phone box when the put in TARDIS.

I assume the PC version is way above and beyond the DS version. Which means it should be totally awesome for them.

I’ll vouch for it sometimes being finicky with solutions, but it far more often gives credit to things that you never thought would work.

A broken rusty robot needs my attention. Being a benevolent magic notebook wielder I of course immediately decide to torment it with a storm cloud. Electronics like rain and random electricity, right? The robot was struck by a bolt of lightning and jerked upright. Its description was now changed to reflect it was a Short-Circuited Robot and it flashed and popped accordingly showing visually that while I had succeeded in getting it back on its feet, it wasn’t really quite all there. I still got the Starite reward.

The corrupt-a-wish element to this game is strong and it’s so far for me the most fun aspect of it.

I enjoyed watching people play this game as much as I enjoyed playing it myself. The YouTube videos have creative things I never considered. I still had fun but I probably could’ve saved a few bucks and watched videos instead!