Scrooge McDuck: WTF?

It is when you’re Scrooge McDuck. Now, according to the Salary Calculator, I’ll resume swimming in my gigantic money bin.[/quote]

Doug Erickson and I had a long conversation about McDuck the other day.

How often in Ducktales did you see a Scrooge McDuck business? I’ll be damned if I can remember a single one, but I haven’t forgotten that fucking money bin. The sheer scale implies an awfully profitable business empire.

To see what I’m talking about, let’s guesstimate the net value of the money bin. It supposedly contains 3 cubic acres of cash. Using the density (19,000 kg/m3) and price ($350/troy ounce) of gold, plus a packing density of 80% (probably too low) results in a money vault that’s worth 320 billion dollars.

If Scrooge really only kept a small fraction of his wealth in the money bin, what is the son of a bitch really worth? 10% gives a net worth of 3.2 trillion (32% of US GDP); 1%, 32 trillion (320% of GDP). For comparision, Bill Gates is only worth around 15 billion (.15% of GDP), and estimates have Rockefeller at his peak worth only around 1% of GDP.

Our initial conclusion was that the money bin had to be a cube of something worthless surrounded by a little bit of gold coins to fool the little people. That can’t be right; I remember seeing the entire thing pour out of the vault on multiple occasions. Maybe the gold coins are only fractionally backed? Even 10% still gives him way too much money, though.

Altogether: what the fuck? No duck can possibly be that rich. Why is the Walt Disney corporation lying to children?

Exactly! I’ve wondered some of the same things.

Also: Why is Launchpad the only person who can afford to wear pants?


He did own banks, so maybe it wasn’t ALL his money.

The Money Bin does not contain three cubic acres of cash. A square acre is about 209 feet on a side, so if we assume that the money bin must contain the equivalent of three 209-foot cubes, it is clear that Scrooge’s marketing hype has carried the day. If any of you are planning to make like the Beagle Brothers and knock it over, here are the blueprints. Those show that the Money Bin is no more than 120 feet on a side, that the cash vault does not fill the entire Money Bin, and that the cash vault is only 90 feet deep.

The Money Bin has all kinds of currency & valuables in it. It has large sections that are not used for money storage, like the office areas, the security areas, and of course the display area for the Number One Dime.

Now, I still doubt the total capacity hits three cubic acres, but Scrooge does have two Money Bins. The original was built on Killmotor Hill in 1902, and an overflow Money Bin was built in downtown Duckburg in 1951.

We should also compare his wealth to other comic figures. Richie Rich’s dad once helped out the mint by converting all of his cash into a single One Million Billion Dollar bill (no link, but my brother still has this comic). The Rich family has that much cash on hand? How much do they hold in equities? What are the businesses that generated that worth? Scrooge is penniless in comparison to that. Rich probably sold Scrooge the money bin.

Side meme: Scrooge and his money bin is the mental image that comes up for me whenever anyone mentions the Walton family and their pile of money in Bentonville.

Hey, I’m going with what the OFFICIAL SOURCES say about the size.

The million billion thing is easy: inflation.

I just got mail from a gal I don’t know who says I can have a bigger, thicker, longer lasting money bin if I purchase some sort of wacky pump.

I remember a comic where Donald set up a mine in the money bin so that he could collect his pay in old rare old coins that had accumulated at the bottom of the bin.

One night down the pub, and applying some very rough rules of thumb and downright blatant guesses, I worked out that an Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of dollar bills is on the order of $10 billion dollars. I don’t know if this is any help to your debate.

Title of this thread is a winner, by the way. I mean who can pass up a forum where someone has a thread called “Scrooge McDuck: What the Fuck?” hahahah

It should be noted that Scrooge McDuck’s money bin is doing horrendous damage to the economy of Duckville, or wherever he lives.

Even the mega rich like Bill Gates keep their money in banks, where the money is actually used for loans, mortgages, and other economic needs. Or they keep it in stocks, where they increase the value of the businesses that employ others and make economic purchases.

Scrooge’s money is completely seperated. Not only is he losing out on what clearly would be tremendous amounts of interest simply so he can bathe in a mountain of tetanus, he’s also effectively caused economic inflation because of the amount of money he has simply removed from the economy.

Thats what you get when you let anthropomorphic talking ducks accumulate incredible amounts of cash.

You mean deflation; less money makes resources more valuable.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that, even invested in T-bills (2%?), he’s effectively paying $6 billion a year to swim in that thing.

haha I just remember the scene where he was interviewing an investor and asked him what would he do if Scrooge gave him some money.

The investor said that he’d wisely invest it in some well trusted money earning stocks and bonds.

Scrooge laughed and said it was a trick question, he’d never give anyone any money, and pushed the trap door button.

Are you sure it’s deflation? The money still exists - it still retains its value - which means that the value of the outside money doesn’t increase. In fact, it decreases in value relative to what would happen would the money in the money bin be destroyed. But since the money isn’t destroyed, it’s just outside of the economy, unused, the net effect is inflation.

I dunno. It’s just a dumb disney cartoon anyway.

The value of currency is the amount of currency in the world divided by the amount of resources in the world. Inflation is caused by an increase in that ratio, deflation a decrease. If the federal reserve doubled the amount of US dollars in circulation tonight (which they technically can, amusingly), than you’d expect the amount of stuff you can get for a US dollar to drop by one-half - inflation. Deflation works the other way; if they halved the money supply, the amount of stuff you can get for a dollar doubles.

Scrooge building the money bin and taking a bazillion dollars out of circulation is deflation; because he gets all that currency and never spends it on anything, the amount of money “available” in the economy drops.

According to Forbes, Scrooge is only worth $8.2 billion. Perhaps those coins are in truth simple Candian Looney dollars?

Fuck the Duck.

No way does “Daddy” Warbucks have more money then Scrooge. And where the hell is Mr. MONOPOLY?

Lazy Forbes writers, not putting their methodology up there. If it really is currency and coins (I can’t find an official source), then the bin’s not worth anywhere near as much.

Forbes didn’t even spell “Duckburg” correctly, so I wouldn’t put much stock in their opinion (har).

All I can say is being able to dive into coin money without injury makes Scrooge a tough old bird.

Barks was a genius; all the other disney comics sucked.