Scrooge McDuck: WTF?

Pity. I doubt less than 10% of these posters are referencing Carl Barks. They’re referencing the 10+ year old Duck Tales cartoon show, I think.

Yep. Never even seen the comics.

I liked Don Rosa’s “Life of Scrooge” or whatever it was called.

The Swedish translation of Scrooge’s name unfortunately messed up quite badly, since he’s now called “von Duck”. Which is standard for a European noble, something that goes straight against some of the meaning of the whole thing, ie he started on the bottom and worked himself up.

The thing I found really funny is that he got his initial leg up by sheer luck; no innovation or quality business management here, no sirree. Plus that gold find required him having access to capital sufficient to finance years of fruitless searches to win the lottery.

Bootstraps my ass. :D

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Barks’ comics were what made Scrooge a character worth making features about.

I’m not a huge comics fan but Barks’ work was great.

The Scrooge character was derived from the Great Depression I believe, when banks (which folded en masse) were very unpopular and untrusted.

So Scrooge would say the lack of interest accumulation is the price he pays for security of retaining his funds.

Plus, he can’t live without pleasuring himself in that golden swimming pool.

That’s the sort of revisionist history one gets when one relies on (sigh) Duck Tales rather than the works of The Master. :-(

Carl (who is anxiously awaiting the reappearance of U.S. Disney comics on June 17)

I confess I only know about Banks by reputation. And, now that I think about it, I’m pretty curious about how one becomes a legend in comics, revered by people like Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Will Eisner, and the guy who did Howard the Duck, all by working on a Disney comic… I did a quick scan for TPB’s and came up with $100+ prices. Yug. Is this stuff being reissued? Is that what you’re talking about?

That’s the sort of revisionist history one gets when one relies on (sigh) Duck Tales rather than the works of The Master. :-(

Carl (who is anxiously awaiting the reappearance of U.S. Disney comics on June 17)[/quote]

I got that from a Banks timeline somewhere online. Did he not get rich initially by a gold strike?

The Money Bin did have offices and small quarters in it, as well as room for a vast security network packed to the gills with retracting laser arms, patrol robots, and dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths when they bark. Still, even if only 10% of The Money Bin contains the actual stockpiled lucre, that’s $32 billion, twice what Bill Gates is worth. And where the hell ARE McDuck’s businesses? He dresses like a banker, but his relationship with the First National Bank of Duckburg seemed only incidental.

Now, for the runner-up question, what’s Angus McQuack worth? He actually has defined businesses that don’t depend on ludicrous patents held by Gyro Gearloose, plus he has close ties to organized crime. I think he underestimates the leveragable wealth of his total syndicate.

EDIT: A coworker gave the simplest explanation for Scrooge’s wealth: he found the largest natural gold vein ever, and MINED it. Of course, that much gold added to circulation at once should cause serious devaluation, but hey.

I don’t know what the heck a TPB is. I do know that his collected works have been released as hardcover books in Swedish, in fact that’s where I first discovered him. The local library’s comic book section had a couple of the books in the series and when I was a kid I read them many times over.

Best Disney comics ever. Which might not be saying much, now that I think of it. The best praise I can give him is that I can reread his comics today as an adult and I still love them just as much as I did when I was a kid.

Its not added to circulation, or only bits at a time as Scrooge spends it.

McDuck dropping the guy who wants to invest his money bin through a trapdoor gets funnier ever time I think about it, BTW.

Another thing: the total world gold supply is about 120,000 tons. At 32,150 troy ounces/ton, McDuck has about 30% of the world’s gold supply in there.

I just have to say that I like the way the thread title rhymes :)

Many of the Barks comics were reprinted many times through the decades,including in the '70s when I was buying them.I think they’re as classic as anything that has appeared in the comics,many of them high flying adventure stories with exotic locales.

I still have all of my reissued copies,although they’re pretty ripped up at this point.My father and uncle bought the originals by the truckload when they were kids,but like most everyone else,read the hell out of them,and eventually gave them away when they got older.In the early '80s,a mint copy of Uncle Scrooge #1(‘Only a Poor Old Duck’,I believe) was going for several hundred dollars,so I would expect it’s over a grand nowadays.Even my reprint of this issue is valued surprisingly highly.

Lots of happy memories of the Duck comic books growing up,long before I ever really thought about collecting them.

You can’t equate “sitting in his bin” with “being in circulation”, though.

Talk about incentive in business. Well, you could give me the contract, or I’ll fuck the economy up royally.

If a Disney character would ever say “duck”.

Well, he had to pay for all those security robots, and for Launchpad’s various disasters, and that big-ass jet. But yeah, I guess we can assume he found his own personal South Africa somewhere in the Sierra Nevada.

DuckTales!? When I was a kid, we would read my Dad & uncles’ stockpile of Disney comics in the basement of my grandparents’ house. We still have them, but they are in bad shape - slipped bindings, tears, missing pieces, and names written & stamped all over them. Anyway, I learned about Scrooge reading original comics, none of this DuckTales stuff.

Scrooge has always been my favorite, but Gladstone Gander is a close second.

Gladstone’s job description:

None, he hates to work and lives from anything his extreme luck can give him.

Banks should sue from beyond the grave; Ruben Bolling completely ripped him off for Lucky Ducky.