Scrubs Season 4+?

OK so I was a huge fan of the sitcom Scrubs. Watched it endlessly during seasons one and two. Downloaded shitty cam-recorded episodes off of the intarnets and watched them all the time. Then I bought S1 and S2 the days they came out on DVD.

Haven’t watched much TV since then, including newer seasons of Scrubs as they came out. I heard that season three wasn’t as good but was still pretty funny. So I bought S3 the week it came out on DVD. Not great, but not shyte. Tired of the JD/Elliot plot line but hopefully it’s done due to the events that season. Also I don’t like how JD is trying to me more grown up; I like goofy JD. etc.

So now season four is out on DVD. I know a few other people here liked the show, and would appreciate some thoughts: how is it? How was season five that just ended? Plot spoilers are OK, it’s only a sitcom. I’m not going to rent it first, my Netflix queue is already 12 weeks deep and I haven’t even started the TV shows I need to put in there like 24, Veronica Mars, AD, etc.

The slow decline just keeps on. After season five I don’t want to see another season of Scrubs. There’s nowhere left to go.

I’m pretty sure Bill Lawrence, the creator, said he was leaving after season 6 (which should start at some point) and Braff has already said that if Lawrence leaves then he is leaving. So I’d say that you may almost get your wish. While its hard to disagree that Scrubs’ quality has declined somewhat in the later season (as is what happens with most shows) its still a great show and I’ll enjoy it right until the end.

I, too, felt S3 was a bit weak, but am enjoying S4 more. I’m watching it currently, and while it’s no S1 or 2, it’s not bad.

Season 5 started off weak with the only really great episode being the 100th ep homage to the Wizard of Oz.

It had some really good episodes later in the season but nothing appraoching the quality of S1-3.

One of the reasons I found is that JD grows increasingly annoying, whiny and narcissistic throughout. It makes him a character harder to relate to, or even bear to hear his incessant whining and girl jokes.

I still loves scrubs though. I wouldn’t mind if Elliot became the focus of the show. As long as they keep Turk, Cox and Kelso around.

I’ve been watching from the start on Comedy Central (2 eps a night, M-F).

The JD/Elliot thing does efectively end with Season 3 (and is “finalized” in the first half of season 4).

I’ve seen so much in a short period of time that I can’t say if I like Seasons 3 and 4 less because of overload or because it’s fading. There are still good episodes, and good moments in less good episodes. But like any sitcom, characters drift towards caricatures over time.

Needs more Cox.

Scrubs has moved to Thursday, I believe it starts this week.