Scrubs - The Musical

Who saw last night’s episode? If you haven’t, it might be worth a trip to your favorite bittorrent site. Highlights:

  1. the poo song
  2. the man love song

Scrubs remains one of my favorite shows on TV (the Earl, Office, and Scrubs NBC lineup is certainly the best sitcom line-up on current television) and the latest episode was the highlight of the season.

Scrubs got dull around the time JD and the gang became proper doctors. The prospect of a musical episode intrigues me but I don’t think it’s enough to get me to watch scrubs again after the yawn-fest that was last season.

It wasn’t very good, IMO. Nice to see Stephanie D’Abruzzo (the patient) on TV, though.


No. Normally I enjoy Scrubs episodes but this one was kind of boring. The lyrics and singing were even worse than in that Buffy episode. But at least in the Buffy episode the story didn’t drag on for the sake of the musical.

Hey, don’t knock the Buffy episode. That was good - very good. And strong lyrics everywhere, from the opening song on. Not great voices at all, but a damn fine musical in its own right.


I found myself fast forwarding any part where Zach Braff sang. Most of the others’ singing voices were fine, but his was just grating.

I enjoyed the Buffy musical episode, but this one just left me feeling “meh”. Scrubs has been on a slow downhill slide for a couple of years now. The true laugh out loud moments are few and far between, where they used to be the norm.

Thankfully The Office has more than made up for the drop in Scrubs laughs.

I liked it, but then again I like musicals.

The only part of Scrubs that has been annoying recently is every episode seems to be sorta preachy … has to have a “moral” etc.

I liked the episode. The actual singing performances weren’t great, but I thought many of the lyrics were cleverly written.

It’s always had a “moral” at the end. These tended to be better and less “The More You Know” when the leads were interns with a lot of growing up to do. But they were a key part of the coda from the very beginning of the series, IIRC.


Doesn’t Scrubs do musical episodes like, twice a season already?

We started out doing the same, then just deleted it after fifteen minutes.

Evenings where Wholly is high vs. Evenings where Wholly thinks Scrubs is a musical: surprisingly, they intersect on all counts.

Technically true, if we’re being pedantic about things. I don’t think Scrubs is a musical, and I’ve never been high. And I don’t really think they do musicals all the time, but they do gimmick episodes like their Wizard of Oz thing far too often for my taste. I count this among them.

Oh. Wait, but you said

which they don’t. Gimmick shows, maybe. Although, even then it’s only once a season. I don’t know if they even do one every season.

The only good one was the one where the show turned into a sitcom with the laugh track.

PS. You’ve never been high? I saw a picture of you with Wolverine hair striking a comic-style pose. You sure you weren’t even a little high?

Nope, never been high. Come to think of it, I’ve never even puffed on a cigarette. Sorry you got so literal with my initial exaggeration. My only point was that I don’t like their gimmick shows, and I do understand that the musicals are gimmicks but gimmicks aren’t all musicals.

Man, it appears I’m all alone in my love for this show. I’ll agree that it might not be what it once was but there aren’t many sitcoms better than it right now.

And hating on the Poo song… That’s just wrong. :(

Well, I still like it.

Or at least I like everything about it other than Zach Braff’s need to play JD as an annoyingly clingy 12 year. Really, why does his character devolve in cariacature when everyone elses seems to have retained some measure of attenuated nuance? (though that’s stretching it a bit.)

The show has gone down hill, and lost a lot of the heart (and humour) of the first few seasons, but I still enjoyed the musical episode.

Haven’t seen much of Scrubs, but the musical episode was pretty cool. Not quite as good as Buffy’s, and I was surprised to see they didn’t go quite as all-out as X-Play: The Musical.