Sea of Thieves!

Your symptoms sound like it’s running on integrated graphics instead of on your 2070. Is that something you can check in video settings?

Good thinking, the onboard chip would be too slow and might explain the slideshow. Guess I need to install the geforce experience thing now to customize graphics settings per game?

(I’ve never had the patience to wait until I hit an in game menu tbh… After 15min I just bail on it in frustration!)

I think Windows has built-in support for changing GPU affinity these days, so you probably don’t need additional GeForce software beyond the latest drivers. On quick search I found this guide:

Found the settings, but the nvidia card is already selected, and even if I “force” it to use the high performance version there is no difference to the game.

Weird, I have a 1060GTX, a by now ancient i5-2500k and 8GB RAM and it runs great in 1080p. I’d never even heard of teredo tunneling before your post.

Yep, very puzzled myself. Dont think I’ve had an error like this before. But then I’m new to the “ms app world”, where things are locked up even more than usual. Can’t even start the game as an admin or access the installation folder (& I even run my pc with a single admin user account!)

I ran into ‘Teredo tunnel’ issues and after a lot of troubleshooting I realised it was down to TinyWall firewall blocking the Xbox app/network connectivity for some reason. Uninstalled it and, boom, worked perfectly. I’m sure that doesn’t help but when you said Teredo I had flashbacks of Sea of Thieves launching and me struggling with this for days.

Yeah, this is me, but with a GTX 970.

Just keep in mind that SOT is very much a game that you’ll get out of what you put into it. It’s not really a game that just guides you down a tunnel to “consume the content” - or at least, the best experiences in the game aren’t that IMHO.

If you’re solo and want some fun stories to complete, I suggest the Tall Tales. Whatever you do just don’t mindlessly solo grind faction voyages, or you’ll bore yourself.

And always remember that sloops are faster than galleons when sailing AGAINST the wind.

Sloops are the fastest ship into a head wind. Brigs are the fastest ship with a cross wind. Galleons are the fastest ship with a tail wind.

If you want to sink a galleon that’s sitting on the island you need to go to, try this strategy. Go to a nearby fort and fill a rowboat with gunpowder barrels. Park your ship on an adjacent island to the enemy galleon, out of site. Row your boat over with the gunpowders. Dock it on the galleon if you can. Seed the enemy ship with explosive barrels. Blow yourself up. Once you respawn you’ll see the enemy ship has disappeared!

Yeah, I’m not a min/maxer or powergamer by any means. I want to explore the world and have fun and enjoy the ride. Partly why I tend to solo – I’m not competitive in online games, because I just don’t have the time. So I like stuff where I can just drop in and adventure casually. I’ve never been sure whether or not this game really catered to that, but it sounds awesome if I can get away with it!

My buddy got a monkey and the monkey has a pegleg.

I love this game so much.

Yeah, I think that monkey has the best outfits! Love those colours too.

New update dropped which features…

Checkpoints for Tall Tales!! Speaking of which, pre-update…

So my friend and I spent an entire evening into the early hours trying to do the star charts Tall Tale. We started at 8pm and, utterly lost, tired and dejected, we logged out at 2am. This was where we ended up, and it reflected our mood perfectly:

Our next session we tried again, from the beginning, and… again, came unstuck on the final section of the Tall Tale and knew we didn’t have time to finish. Then the update came, hurrah! We’re now at the final section, fully checkpointed, and, while we’re still struggling on this last stretch, by fucking god we’re going to do it. Every time you start the Tall Tale or pick-up your checkpoint there’s a random element which means you won’t necessarily get the same clues or the same locations as you had last time. The third time we started from the beginning (with the checkpoint update), we had to find the Great Eagle star jewel and man, oh, man, that took a long time to work out but my friend nailed it. We were so happy. It’s just so great to play a game that holds your hand so little and respects your intelligence to work things out. I think it’s a big part of the sense of adventure. My friend and I worked out that in the time it’s taken us to not even complete this one Tall Tale (some 12+ hours so far) we could have completed many games!

Also, that Ruby Splash Tail ship set is glorious and so tempting…

Also also, adding an armoury on the Ferry of the Damned is such a simple but great idea.

Sea of Thieves is now available for purchase on Steam! If you’ve been holding out but wanted to jump in, here’s another chance. At the risk of stating the obvious, this is a separate purchase if you do already own a Windows store or Xbox version, but the good news is it does allow cross-play with those platforms.

Watch streamers on Twitch for the next 2 weeks to get drops. You need to link your Sea of Thieves account to your Twitch.

I like these two streamers

How do you do that?

Played my first galleon arena with friends the other night. Managed three games between the slow lobbies, but came 2nd then 1st and 1st so very happy with those results! Good clean wins too turning in chests.

I just saw one of those streamers doing that chest-drop-pick-up-sprint glitch and I hate it. Urgh.

Thank 'ee!

Sometimes it ain’t easy being a solo slooper. I lead them into the rocks. I hit one with a blunderbomb to the bow and pushed him into a rock and then set it on fire That gave me a little time. I managed to sink one but didn’t see another outcrop of rocks while doing repairs below. We found ourselves in a pile of ships on the rock. One was trapped between my ship and the rock. I lobbed some fire on the deck and put some rounds in it’s side. Unfortunately the first ship caught back up and was circling around and shelling my trapped ship. I tried rushing to repair the numerous holes in my ship to keep her afloat but the circling bastard was using venom shells. That depleted my food supplies so I couldn’t replenish my health. I died a slow death in the bottom of a watery coffin.

I hear you. I got a text from a friend saying he needed some help. I jump on and see he is a level 4 Athena emissary. He’s done this all by himself, but now has two ships in pursuit. He just needs to get one last treasure. We spend about 45 minutes trying to shake and fight them and eventually we get to the island. I jump off as he pushes on. I would have been able to do it, but got killed thanks to some skeletons who gave up my position on island to the other ships. New plan we turn in everything and sink our ship. Change our skins etc. They come at us again we kill them, they kill us but it’s more them trolling they realize we’re going after an athena. My friend rowboats 4 islands over, while I lead them away. We fight I kill them but 2 on one xbox vs pcs is not a fair fight. Now my friend has made it to the island but it’s purposely the wrong island. I swing by in a new ship pick him up and we go get the treasure. Meanwhile our friends have gon to fake island and are waiting for us. They have hidden their ship and our waiting for us to arrive. They’ve been waiting for 30 minutes at this point. We turn in and then go to the island they’re on. I pull out a map like we’re looking. They’re following us hiding, but we catch site of them. We get to a point and I say, “This is it!”

I then proceed to play music dance. turn in their direction and laugh saying you’re on the wrong island fellas. We already turned in. Then we kill them.