Sea Power by Microprose

OK wow. Very excited, but can this really fill out it’s feature list?

  • Cold war era between the '60s and '80s
  • Theatres including North Atlantic, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Tonkin and Mediterranean Area
  • Dynamic campaign - theatre scale
  • Historical and fictional single scenarios
  • Dynamic time of day and weather per engagement
  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • Realtime combat
  • Advanced flight and ship physics
  • Scalable realism such as weapons malfunctions, advanced sensor modeling
  • Pausable real-time, time compression
  • Full user scenario editor and quick mission builder
  • Advanced in-game tutorial
  • Save games everywhere/every time
  • Detailed and accurate 3D graphics
  • Over 50 original ships and more than 30 original aircraft
  • Land facilities and real-world terrain
  • Post-battle replay

This is being developed by Triassic Games who have never released a game as their own entity. It’s being published by Microprose who was dead and is now apparently alive. It looks a lot like Cold Water s except maybe more detailed (I don’t recall Cold Waters having quite as much detail for aircraft carrier operations). It’s so closely aligned with Cold Waters I wonder if it can differentiate itself?

Did you notice “Dynamic Campaign” and “post-battle replay”? :)

Holy crap - TWO seapower games in development? Be still my beating heart!

I know. If they can both be great that’d be amazing :)

They are putting out a WW2 turn-based game as well as Task Force Admiral. Kind of a crazy bit of news for the morning.

They both have a high potential to rock. We know what the guy making SP NCMA is capable of, viz the excellent cold waters, pacific and atlantic fleet games. We have seen @Amiral_Crapaud’s eye candy, and that’s shaping up to be Real Gud as well. These two games sure do seem to be worthy of the Microprose label.

Just watched the trailer. So sexy!

This is unreal (in a good way)! I hope they knock all of these out of the park.

Its a bit of a cheap trick to show me a great looking game while also taking advantage of my nostalgia for Microprose.

I approve! Day 1 will purchase :)

The new Microprose is apparently located in Australia?? From their new website.


Is it fair to say that (cool projects aside) this organization has no common thread with the original?

I don’t think so (as far as previous leadership or employees). I think they bought the name in a fire-sale. But based on the selection of games they want to publish it looks like they’re staying true to the name anyways?

Yeah the guy who bought the brand is an Aussie, David Lagettie. He has a background in military sims.
According to Wiki though, Bill Stealey is also involved.

That, plus the A-7 (not sure why I love that plane, but I do) will probably get me.

Looks amazing! Count me in.

This is looking amazing.

I was just thinking the other day how much I missed Harpoon.


The backfire attack had my attention, but the vigilante got me all hot and bothered!

I’m excited at the functional air dropped torpedos :)

Vigilante crew checking in. That bird along the B-58 Hustler are two of my all time favorite planes. If I had fuck you money I’d have them on display in my front yard with fully resorted cockpits where I’d climb in and make jet engine noises.

Do any of you make jet engine noises when you’re accelerating onto the highway?

I would but my car is too loud inside anyhow, I would have to really shout.

This looks like a game that I completely want to play, but I am too old to learn. ::sigh::

Naw, I don’t make engine noises when I accelerate my car. Decrepit old Toyota does plenty of that. I do have to admit I sometimes mutter fighter pilot lingo in traffic. Viper one one, merged.